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The Cameron Highlands is one of Malaysia’s most extensive hill stations. It covers an area of 712km², about the size of Singapore, At an elevation from 1135m to 1829m above sea level, it is also the highest point in Malaysia accessible by road with Gunung Brinchang 2031m above the sea. During the day, the temperature seldom rises above 25°C; at night, it can drop to as low as 12°C.

A tea plantation at the Cameron Highlands

There are four main roads into the area: two to the west, to Ipoh and to Tapah; and two to the east, to Gua Musang and Kuala Lipis. The towns lie in a string of settlements approximately 25km long. From north to south these are:

  • Kampung Raja - one of the larger towns; close to the roads to Ipoh and Gua Musang
  • Taman Tringkap
  • Kea Farm
  • Brinchang
  • Tanah Rata - the main town of the Camerons
  • Ringlet - one of the larger towns; close to the roads to Tapah and Kuala Lipis
  • Bertam Valey

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