Tucked in the quaint village of Pulau Suri, Tumpat, among a network of estuary islands and tributary rivers, is Malaysia’s first ever floating market known as the Kelantan Floating Market. The market, which began operation in September 2016, is akin to a floating food court where visitors can purchase delicious Kelantan street food while enjoying the scenic riverine atmosphere.

Anchored along the riverbank of the Kelantan River are nearly a dozen small boats operated by women entrepreneurs selling an assortment of traditional Kelantan food and snacks. Among them are Kerabu Nipah, a salad made of palm flowers that grow wild in the area, and thus a specialty of Pulau Suri; clams either grilled, smoked or made into a salad; and nasi tumpang, rice layered with an assortment of accompanying dishes, all wrapped up in a banana leaf shaped into a cone, ready for a single-serve meal.

Most of the food sold here are unique to Kelantan, and some, like the Kerabu Nipah, are only found in Pulau Suri. They are affordable yet delicious and offers a taste of rustic country-style cooking that the locals here are known for.

Visitors can purchase the snacks and have a picnic by the river, surrounded by the lively atmosphere of the floating market. It’s interesting to see how the food sellers have devised a very clever contraption in the form of a bucket attached to a long pole as a means to hand over the food to the buyer without ever having to “rock the boat,” so to speak.

The market operates on Friday and Saturday, from 9.00 am till 3 pm, giving visitors plenty of time to explore and relax along the riverbank, as they enjoy a breakfast that drags into lunch, and perhaps even tea-break!

To get there, visitors take a scenic 15-minute boat ride from Kuala Besar jetty to Pulau Suri, passing through the islands at the rivermouth of the Kelantan River. A round trip on a small boat costs RM3.00 while visitors in large groups can take the larger boat for RM15.00 and share the cost of the boat with other passengers.

Who To Contact

Kampung Pulau Suri, Tumpat, Kelantan

Operational Time:
Fridays and Saturdays, form 9.00 am to 3.00 pm

Operated by:
Maseroja Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd

+6013-967 1202

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