Public Holidays

New Year

1 Jan 2017 | Nationwide

With New Year’s Eve parties in full swing, dazzling fireworks accompanying the local countdown, celebrating the turn of the year in Malaysia is always an exciting affair.

Chinese New Year

28 – 29 Jan 2017 | Nationwide

Red is the colour of this festive season. Malaysian Chinese celebrate the New Year with family reunions, food and merrymaking, while children receive money in little red packets.

Federal Territory Day

1 Feb 2017 | Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur and Labuan only

Federal Territory Day is a state holiday observed by the three Federal Territories in Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur, Labuan and Putrajaya.


10 May 2017 | Nationwide

Wesak Day marks the birth, enlightenment and passing of Gautama Buddha. Buddhists all over the country celebrate with religious offerings and rituals held at Buddhist temples.

Tadau Kaamatan

30 – 31 May 2017 | Sabah and Labuan

Rice holds a special meaning to Sabahans, which makes Tadau Kaamatan (rice harvest festival) one of the biggest, most joyous celebrations in Sabah. In an event filled with traditional customs, villagers give thanks for the year’s crop and pray for an even better harvest the following year.

Gawai Dayak Festival

1 – 2 June 2017 | Sarawak

Gawai Dayak, or the harvest festival, marks the end of the rice-harvesting season and welcomes in another year of bountiful harvest. It is celebrated by the Iban and Bidayuh tribes in Sarawak with traditional dances, ceremonial offerings and 'tuak' (home-made rice wine).

King's Birthday

3 June 2017| Nationwide

The King, or Yang di-Pertuan Agong, is the head of state of Malaysia. His Majesty’s birthday is officially celebrated on the first Saturday in June, as mandated in the Malaysian Constitution.

Hari Raya Aidilfitri

25 – 26 June 2017 | Nationwide

After a month of fasting, Hari Raya Aidilfitri symbolises victory for Muslims everywhere. Starting with morning prayers and visits to the graves of loved ones, Muslims then proceed to open houses and family gatherings filled with good food and company.

Independence Day (Hari Merdeka)

31 Aug 2017 | Nationwide

This day marks the independence of the Federation of Malaya from British colonial rule in 1957. Colourful multicultural parades are organised at city centres throughout the country.

Hari Raya Aidiladha

1 Sept 2017 | Nationwide

Also known as Hari Raya Haji or Qurban, this festival marks the culmination of the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca which is performed by millions of Muslims annually. Muslims in the country celebrate the festival with prayers and the sacrifice of cattle.

Malaysia Day

16 Sep 2017 | Nationwide

Malaysia Day is held on September 16 yearly to commemorate the establishment of the Malaysian federation on the same date in 1963. Celebrations are held in various parts of the country.

Awal Muharram

21 Sept 2017 | Nationwide

Awal Muharram (also called Maal Hijrah) marks the beginning of the new Islamic calendar, commemorating the day Prophet Muhammad emigrated from Mecca to Medina, known as the Hijrah.


18 Oct 2017 | Nationwide except Labuan and Sarawak

Deepavali or the 'Festival of Lights' is celebrated by Hindus with prayers, family gatherings and festivities. Family and friends visit each other at open houses, where delicious traditional goodies are served.

Maulidur Rasul

1 Dec 2017 | Nationwide

Maulidur Rasul is the observance of the birthday of Prophet Muhammad, which falls on the 12th day of the month of Rabiul Awal in the Islamic calendar.


25 Dec 2017 | Nationwide

You won’t find a white Christmas in Malaysia, but the real spirit of the season — love, joy and peace — is evident. Christians look forward to special services in church, commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ.