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Malaysia Trip Planner

Planning a memorable holiday is made simple with the official travel app from Tourism Malaysia. This application helps you discover unique attractions around Malaysia, highlighting not to be missed events and cultural festivities during your trip and throughout the year. You can evem add items to your itinerary, save them and share with your social networks!

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Travel Malaysia - Smart-i

Deciding on a vacation in Malaysia? Plan everything well to make the most of your delightful sojourn.

So many things to do, so much to see, and the highly-useful Smart-i app will promise you the best.

Have everything Malaysia at your fingertips – from the most popular to the the hidden gems of this land we call 'Truly Asia.' Navigate the nooks and crannies of the cities, the natural havens of greenery, sparkling turquoise seas, rivers and the colours of Malaysia, that is ever so enticing. Immerse yourself in year-round events, discover new experience in dining and exotic cuisines of Malaysia.

The Smart-i app is your convenient personal guide and chaperone to beautiful Malaysia. Top it all up by signing-up for an opportunity to partake of exclusive privileges for shopping, dining, accommodation and more...

Only with the Smart-i App -- "Your Eye to Malaysia."

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Dekat Je

The DekatJe Travel Guru App is an application which can help you plan your perfect holiday or vacation! It is your personal travel guide, which offers trip suggestions that will surely lead you to your dream escapade!

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