Have you heard about the Linangkit Cultural village before? Situated in Kampung Selupoh, the Linangkit Cultural village in Tuaran guarantees an in-depth look into the rich social culture and mystical history of the Lotud tribe of Sabah. Grab the chance to gather information of the culture as well as heritage lies within the village. You will definitely love the environment and friendly Lotud people living there.

Lotud people are very well known for their skilful weaving especially Linangkit, one of the unique traditions of this tribe. It is a form of traditional embroidery to decorate and hide the seams of two joined pieces of fabrics. They also live in longhouses like other indigenous tribes of Sabah, except each Lotud longhouse shelters only one family and have a remarkable collection of antique items inside the longhouse.

At the village, take a closer look at the Lotud men’s hunting skills and fishing technique or learn how the Lotud women make their intricate traditional costume. Immerse yourself for a day in the life of the Lotud people through a diverse range of interesting activities such as a guided tour around the village, try on their traditional costume, exciting demonstrations of handicraft-making and traditional food preparation, river cruising, fish netting and tapioca harvesting by the villagers. You can also enjoy cultural show and firefly watching, too.

To perfect your cultural trip, keep in mind to bite some betel nuts and smoke the local tobacco as the locals do!

The village provides facilities such as a floating multi-purpose hall (equipped with two badminton courts), fitness gym, karaoke bar, a café and children’s activity centre. The Linangkit Cultural Village is open daily from 9 am to 6 pm. Book a visit now!


Entrance Fee

Senior (50 years and above) Malaysian: RM 20.00/ Non-Malaysian: RM 35.00

Adult Malaysian: RM 25.00/ Non-Malaysian: RM 40.00 

Student Malaysian: RM 25.00/ Non-Malaysian: RM 30.00 

Children (6 to 12 years old) Malaysian: RM10.00/ Non-Malaysian: RM 20.00 

Children (Below 6 years old) Malaysian: F.O.C/ Non-Malaysian: F.O.C 

Entrance fees are inclusive of: Welcome drink, betel nut & cigarette tasting, activities, guided tour.

*Three (3) hours booking in advance required for walk-in visitors.

Alternatively, visitors can choose the special package rate which includes: Guided tour, try-on traditional costume, handicraft demonstrations, traditional food demonstration, traditional fish netting & tapioca plucking (Morning & Afternoon Arrival), cultural show (Afternoon & Night Arrival), river cruise & firefly watching (Night Arrival) and Traditional Lunch/Hi-Tea/Dinner.

 Morning Arrival Malaysian: RM 60.00/ Non-Malaysian: RM 70.00

Afternoon Arrival Malaysian: RM 50.00/ Non-Malaysian: RM 60.00

Night Arrival Malaysian: RM 70.00/ Non-Malaysia: RM 85.00

Minimum 3 pax, Maximum 80 pax


Getting Here


By car: Approximately an hour’s drive away from the heart of Kota Kinabalu.

Who To Contact


If you have any enquiry about the place, please don’t hesitate to contact Winnie Edwin at +6017 898 7911 (24 hours hotline) or email.

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