The Park is situated on the longest continuous range of limestone hills in the country, called the Nakawan Range. The Nakawan Range has beautiful, heavily forested slopes, sheer cliff faces, streams and extensive cave systems.

Some of the major attractions in Perlis State Park includes the various caves such as Gua Kelam and Gua Wang Burma which is located within the 500 year-old Setul limestone formation. The Park consists of Mata Ayer Forest Reserve and Wang Mu Forest Reserve with a total area of about 5000 hectares.

The park provides the perfect setting for activities such as the Stumed-tail Macaque and plants like ginger, ferns and balsams endemic to the state are found here. Visitor can stay in hostels and chalets or camp at the designated site.

Those intending to visit are required to obtain permission from the Perlis State Park management and engage the services of a ranger or qualified guide.


ノース・サウス(PLUS)ハイウェイのチャングルン(Changlun)を出て、チャングルン~クアラ・プルリス・ハイウェイに乗り、カンガー(Kangar)に向かってください。カンガーから、パダン・ベサール(Padang Besar)~ワン・ケリアン(Wang Kelian)へと進み、カキ・ブキ・タウンに向かうと「ビジター・パーク・センター」が見えてきます。


Perlis State Park Visitor's Centre

電話番号 : +604-977 7578/7898

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