Staying at home doesn’t have to be boring and unproductive. Unleash your creativity and produce a music video that describes your dream vacation with your family after the Movement Control Order (MCO) is over.

Win prizes by strutting your talent in singing, playing musical instruments and short sketches. Let’s be part of #CutiCutiAtHome and #CutiCutiMalaysia! This contest ends on 09 June 2020. Please read the Terms & Conditions for more information.


Grand Prize X 3

Vacation Package 3D2N to any
Malaysian destination for 5 people

Second Prize X 3

Vacation Package 3D2N to any
Malaysian destination for 4 people

Third Prize X 3

Vacation Package 3D2N to any
Malaysian destination for 3 people

10 Consolation Prizes X 3

Malaysian made handicrafts

How to Participate

  1. Select one of our two (2) theme songs: Cuti-Cuti Malaysia or Visit Truly Asia Malaysia.
  2. Record yourself Singing, Playing a Musical Instrument or Performing a Sketch.
  3. Upload the video onto your Facebook or Instagram account and share the link in our Online Form. The post must be made public.
  4. Follow and tag Tourism Malysia's social media sites.
  5. Include the hashtags #CutiCutiAtHome #CutiCutiMalaysia
    For enquiries, email stayhomevideocontest@tourism.gov.my

The contest is now closed. We thank you for your participation. Winners will be notified soon.


Cuti - Cuti Malaysia (Minus One)
Cuti - Cuti Malaysia (With Vocal)
Visit Truly Asia Malaysia (English)
Visit Truly Asia Malaysia (Malay)
Visit Truly Asia Malaysia (Instrumental)
Visit Truly Asia Malaysia (Minus One - English)
Visit Truly Asia Malaysia (Minus One - Malay)
Music chords
Cuti - Cuti Malaysia (Key C)
Cuti - Cuti Malaysia (Key G)
Visit Truly Asia Malaysia (Key C - English)
Visit Truly Asia Malaysia (Key C - Malay)



FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Online Tourism Music Video Contest MCO 2020

When is the closing date for submissions?

The closing date of the contest has been extended to 09 June 2020.

I have submitted my entry on 27 April 2020. Since the closing date has been extended, can I submit another entry?

Contestants are welcome to submit as many entries as they wish. The higher the number of submissions, the higher your chances of winning the contest.

If I submit several music videos, can I win more than one prize?

No, one contestant will only be entitled to win one prize.

Can I submit my entry via e-mail?

Submissions must be made through the Online Contest Form available on our website www.malaysia.travel .Contestants must use Facebook or Instagram as the platform to upload the music videos.

I don’t have a Facebook account. Can I submit my music video through my son’s Facebook?

Yes, contestants may send in their entries through Facebook or Instagram accounts that belong to their immediate family members, provided that the accounts are authentic.

Can I use TikTok to submit my entry?

If you wish, you may use TikTok to produce your music video. However, submissions must be made via Facebook or Instagram only. Please also take note that the minimum duration required for the music video is two (2) minutes.

My music video is six (6) minutes long. Is it eligible?

The music videos produced for this contest should not exceed 4 minutes and 15 seconds.

Can I include my favourite K-pop songs in my music video?

The music video must be in Bahasa Malaysia or English. It must also contain one of our two theme songs, either ‘Cuti Cuti Malaysia’ or ‘Visit Truly Asia Malaysia”. If you wish to feature other music clips in addition to the theme song, please ensure that the music is royalty-free.

I would like to go outdoors to record my music video. Can Tourism Malaysia arrange a permit for me?

No, all music videos must be produced/filmed/recorded at home in line with the ongoing Movement Control Order (MCO). Contestants may use footage from a travel video (around Malaysia) that was recorded prior to the MCO, but the footage should not exceed 1/4 of the entire video content. The balance (3/4 of the content) should be filmed indoors. Contestants can also use footage from our Malaysia Truly Asia YouTube channel.

Will I receive a special grant to produce this video?

No, the contestant should bear the full cost of producing this video.

Terms & Conditions
Terma & Syarat

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