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Day 1: Redeems Center Singai
0930hrs, meet up at Redeems Center Singai for registration & briefing. After load in, we off to Manau Camp in 4WD vehicles for 2 hours’ drive. Journey through bumpy, rough old logging roads. There will be a steep hill to ascend & decent, mud traps where we may have to winch the car through river to cross etc. Along the way, make few stops to collect bamboo, jungle vegetables & take pictures. All guest is encouraging to ask question & participate in collection of foodstuffs.
Upon reaching the Manau Camp, we will have lunch. Everyone includes guest helps to unload & setup the camp. It’s a learning experience actual camping & jungle safety briefing by our local guide.
1800hrs, dinner time. After dinner, go for a night hike to catch a view of the jungle plants & animals. Hike may take about 1.5 – 2 hours’ (depending on the guest). Overnight.
Day 2: Ribuan Skoring Waterfall
0630hrs, morning breakfast.
0800hrs, trek about 1.5 hours’ to Ribuan Skoring Waterfall. Enjoy the waterfall, indigenous plants, animals, take pictures etc. Light snacks cooking at waterfall. Head back to the Camp for lunch.
Free own leisure. Explore the jungle around the Camp area or swim at the lake. Overnight.

Day 3: Manau Camp / Redeems Center Singai
0800hrs, morning breakfast. Free own leisure.
1000hrs, packing all belongings & help to dismantle tents. Have lunch. 
1300hrs, load in all in the vehicles and head out and reach back to Redeem Center Singai approximately by 1500hrs. 
Facilities at Camp Manau
1. Big Tents with Air Mattress, fan, light and sleeping bag provided. Two guests to a tent which actually sleeps 6. A Camp chair per person. 
2. Total of 7 meals provided, I.E., all main meals provided at camp. We provide 3in1 / black local coffee and tea which guest can make themselves with a gas stove which we provide. Fresh filtered drinking water for guest to fill their water bottles. Guest can bring in their own wine, whisky or beer but let us know how many as we have to ensure there is sufficient space in the cars. Would be good to bring own biscuits or snacks or special food if you prefer them. Meals would be mainly local cuisine cooked the Bidayuh traditional way such as Bamboo / BBQ chicken/pork/fish, fried and fresh vegetables, some other local delicacies. We will provide ice boxes. 
3. We have a common area for meals and to chill there. If the weather is good, we can do a bonfire and setup a BBQ area for the guest to enjoy. 
4. We have 3 flushing toilets with shower and running water from taps at sinks for washing of hands and eating utensils. This is a campsite and everyone washes their own eating utensils. 
5. We have float tubes for those you need them when swimming in the pond. 
6. Lighting is mainly fairy lights at the tent areas and lanterns at washing and washroom. From dinner till around 10 PM, we will have some floodlights turned on. 
Things to Bring
1. Slippers for campsite. 
2. Good trekking shoes with soft rubber soles as we will be crossing lots of streams and the rocks can be slippery. Adidas Kampung rubber shoes are proven 
3. Light long pants for trekking but if you are a shorts person, that’s fine too. Ideally you have a wet wear for the day use and a dry wear for night use. It’s fine to bring extra for comfort and variety. 
4. Small knapsack to keep your stuff on hiking trips. A waterproof one would be good
5. A waterproof handphone bag
6. A water bottle with filter if you intend to drink river water. Even though it’s clean, we may not be used to it. 
7. A raincoat with hood if you prefer to stay dry during your hikes in event of rain. 
8. Personal toiletries, soap, shampoo etc
9. A flashlight or headlamp with sufficient batteries
10. Power bank for your camera, phones, lights. Please note there is no power at camp and neither is there any mobile line there. 
11. A light jacket to keep warm as it can get chilly in the evenings and night. (24-26C)
12. Insect repellent would be useful. A small bottle of Hong Eu is also effective to rid of leeches. 
13. Personal medication if required. 
For those who are interested in Star Gazing, we can arrange a sunset viewing and star gazing trip up Mt Skoring at additional charges.  It will be a rough it out trip but we will have a big canopy set up in case of rain with a ground sheet to sit on. Camp chairs can be brought from camp. No tents. We can stay the night at Mt Skoring to watch the clouds above the jungle in the morning. Then we head back to camp. If guest is not up to roughing it out, we do an exciting night drive back to camp.

Malaysian : RM2,300.00 per pax (min of 6 pax)
                    RM1,900.00 per pax (min of 12 pax)

Foreigner : RM2,800.00 per pax (min of 6 pax)
                   RM2,300.00 per pax (min of 12 pax)

1. 14 days in advance require for booking.
2. Full prepayment required once booking is confirmed.
3. Package prices do not include insurance coverage and licencing guidelines.
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