About this Package

· Pick Up in Keningau town at 1030am.
· You will be greeted and transferred to Labang Village at Sapulot by our Orou Sapulot transport.
· Upon arriving take a traditional longboat cruise to Pungiton Eco-Camp where Lunch will be served.
· Take a short trek through the jungle and explore the multi-leveled Pungiton Caves.
· Put up a night at the Pungiton Eco-Camp and sleep to the harmonious sounds of the River and Insects.

· After Breakfast, depart for another river cruise for jungle trekking activity through the pristine primary rainforest to the foot of the Legendary Batu Punggul.
· The adventurous would have the option to climb the 200 meters Limestone Outcrop known as the Batu Punggul.
· After a picnic lunch by the riverbanks, get transferred to one of our Hidden Waterfalls to enjoy a refreshing and relaxing swim.
· After dinner, put up the night in the tent at the Vangkaakon Camp just by the Vangkaakon Waterfalls.

· After breakfast, get transferred to Salung Jetty for an exhilarating journey downstream in a traditional longboat maneuvered by skillful boatmen towards the Kalimantan border through various rapids.
· After the Rapid Shooting activity, get transferred to the MunorAulai Guesthouse at Romol Eco Village.
· Get unpacked and take a stroll in our Farm Tour activity. Not only will you be able to see  various crops but also understand more about the integrated farming concept and activities.
· Guests will be entertained with Cultural Performances by the local villagers and also get to participate in dances and playing with the Murut traditional music instruments.
· Also get a chance to try the Murut's pride, the Traditional Rice Wine served in Jars.
· Spend a night at the MunorAulai Guesthouse in a harmonious sounds of nature.

· Breakfast served at 7.00am.
· Transfer out from Orou Sapulot to Keningau. 

Package Includes


  • Stretcher Hammock 
  • Tent
  • Guesthouse 


  • Pick Up at Keningau to Sapulot by Van
  • Drop Off at Keningau from Sapulot by Van 


  • Climb Batu Punggul
  • Caving
  • Trekking
  • Boat Ride to Border Kalimantan


  • Breakfast x 3 Times
  • Lunch x 3 Times
  • Dinner x 3 Times


Minimum 4pax for one Group  

Package Info
  • 50% off RM 2240.00 from RM1120.00
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