A Cultural Experience In A Remote Fishing Village


About this Package

Tour Duration: 6 Hours

1100 Prepare to be picked up from your hotel and head over to Sekinchan.

1230 Upon arrival at Sekinchan, you will be brought to your first destination for lunch. Hosted by a local family in an old village house, you are in for an authentic experience enjoying the local dishes in a vintage setting. Expect an 8-course tasting menu with seafood courses of the local catch.

1400 Head over to the local fishing market! A meeting point for locals as they snag up the catch of the day. Discover the ways of the locals and immerse yourself in their daily lives.

1430 Discover the local temple famously known for its Wishing Tree. The Sekinchan Wishing Tree is one of the most visited sites in Sekinchan where locals and tourists throw red ribbons, tied with their wishes up into the tree. Locals believe that tying your ribbon with coins increases the chances of your wishes coming true.

1500 Visit an authentic Chinese bakery. Discover local snacks, pastries and desserts. One of their most popular goods is the kuih kapit (egg waffles), made freshly every day. You may even spot them making the waffles during your visit and enjoy them fresh.

1530 Discover a unique local dessert called the coconut shake. This local concoction is guaranteed to cool you down on a hot day in Sekinchan.

1600 Cycle through the paddy fields of Sekinchan. Catch the sunset as you cycle past old Malay kampung houses. Immerse yourself in the picturesque scenery and take in the idyllic countryside.

1700 Your transfer awaits to take you back to your hotel.

Package Includes


Private MPV Transfer


  • Visit the local fishing market
  • Visit Sekinchan Wishing Tree
  • Visit an authentic Chinese bakery
  • Coconut shake stop
  • Cycle through the paddy fields




  • Return transfers within Klang Valley
  • 8-course tasting menu
  • Local guide

  • Detour from mentioned activity

Package Info
  • 8% off RM 790.00 from RM720.00
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