A Day Tour Of Langkawi's Natives


About this Package

The Malaysian kampung (Malay for village) tour is an experience to discover the jewels of Langkawi through its people. Langkawi is an island filled with history and myths that envelop the land with mystical charms. Discover a unique private expedition as you learn about the customs and traditions of the local Malay culture. Visit a wooden stilt house, enjoy a game of congkak while sipping on local herbal beverages, and find solace in the idyllic countryside. A complete immersion into the kampung lifestyle, this experience gives an intimate insight into the culture of Langkawi and Malaysia.

Package Includes


Private MPV Transfer


Traditional Breakfast & Lunch


  • Private MPV transfers
  • Traditional breakfast and lunch
  • English-speaking guide

  • Travel insurance
  • Personal incidentals
  • Activities other than those mentioned
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  • 4% off RM 630.00 from RM600.00
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