Balik Pulau Countryside Cycling Experience

Pulau Pinang

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 Join this exceptional Malaysian cycling adventure that lifts you off on an endless parade of rustic experiences. Your escapade through the bucolic side of Penang Island provides breathtaking scenery with the opportunity to connect with ordinary folks, taste the simple lifestyle or even try out your hands on local tasks and trades. 
Your cycling adventure sets you off on trails and back paths along waterways to see contrasting hamlets, villages, and farmlands with our gradual approach to this sector mean providing you with a rare opportunity to witness our diverse culture and ethnic race. Sample their lifestyle, trades, and delicacies at each selected stop while being entertained by our guide and the ever-gracious countryside folks. 
After a short stop for coffee at a Hakka Chinese hamlet, the second sector restarts with an approach to the fisherman's outpost at a river mouth. The trip turns around to cover further distances as we set you to encompass different landscapes. Roam on the extensive network of trails snaking the palm oil estate in search of the labourers to get an inside story about the two-edged tales of this controversial commodity. 
Watch out! Herds of wild cows can easily get startled, stampede alongside us, and sometimes might change their direction into crossing our path. We then cross a Hokkien Chinese hamlet famed among locals for its cuisines. Viral by social media, at times this place is bustling with local visitors from across the country as they try to get a taste of all the exquisite assortments this place has to offer. 
Getting off to a calmer side, we ride to the rice field. The vast plains composed a picturesque view intensified by the species of birds dotting the muddy paddy plots, others flying across as raptors circling in the skies. Identify the different types of birds and have our guide reveal each of them to you from the endemic to the migratory species. A cosy little hut built for the farmers to rest is our setting of choice to arouse your taste buds. Situated amidst the rice field, you can reach there by the normal route or choose a more fun way by riding on the bund separating the paddy plots. 

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Countryside Cycling, Culture, countryfolks experience, rustic indulgence


Included, Coffee/Tea, Delicacies, Lunch
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