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DANAI WELLNESS PACKAGE – RM88 (90 mins session)
Limited to first 100 only. 

The Wellness tests:
1.       Complete Blood Count (CBC). 
2.       Lipid Profile (Cholesterol Check).
3.       Glucose (Diabetic Screening).
4.       Urine Test/ Urine Analysis.
5.       High Sensitive C-Reactive Protein (HS-CRP) Test - for Acute Inflammation and Heart Diseases (via blood test).
6.       Body Mass Index (BMI) .
7.       Blood Pressure (BP) Test.
8.       Meridian Zenflow Therapy trial session- Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
9.       Microcirculation Test- Blood Capillaries Circulatory Analysis.
10.   Report & Consultation session.

 Receive Complimentary bonus gifts (worth RM400) of 60 mins External Counter Pulsation (ECP) voucher upon completion of the Wellness Screening.

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