Earthlings Sarawak Liberica Coffee Experience


About this Deal

Sarawak Liberica Flower, Cherry, Coffee Experience @ RM42 (52.8)
Promo Package includes 
  • Sarawak Liberica pour over coffee (subject to availability)
  • Sarawak Liberica Coffee Cherry Tea
  • Sarawak Liberica Coffee Blossom Tea 

Earthlings Single Origin Pour Over Coffee Flight @ RM80 (100
Promo Package includes
  • Choose any 4  artisanal pour over coffee (options subject to seasonal availability)

Earthlings Cold Brew Coffee & Pie @  RM30 (36.9)
Promo Package includes
  • Earthlings Ice Drip Coffee Bottle
(Choose either black or with milk)
  • Gourmet pie (Choose either Lamb Stew or Tomato Chicken or Creamy Mushroom)
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