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Endau-Rompin National Park was established in 1993, with an area of 48,905 ha is the largest protected area in the South of Peninsular Malaysia. For Flora and Fauna lovers and nature lovers, Endau-Rompin Selai Johor National Park awaits your presence here. Traveling to Selai after Bekok Town, you will pass through several Palm Oil Farms and Vegetable Gardens, then 5 Orang Asli Villages which are Kg. Tembayan, Kg. Kudung, Kg. Tamok, Kg. Kemidak and Kg. Jam. The original community of Orang Asli here is of Jakun descent. Most of the residents here work to find forest products, garden and farm. Now many of them work with the Johor National Park Corporation as general workers and tourist guides.
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