Hiking with Temuan Tribe


About this Package

Discover a true cross-cultural experience by immersing yourself in a day as a forest dweller. Find out how they explore the forest in search of sustenance, watch as your food is prepared by the intergenerational cooks of the tribes and learn how to craft with the Temuan tribes. The Temuan people, indigenous to the Western parts of Peninsular Malaysia, are one of the largest and most widespread of the Orang Asli ethnic group.
This experience ensures that you have enough time for leisurely activities like dipping in the cool waters of your private riverbed and a chance to freshen up and relax after trekking the forest.

Package Includes


Lunch - Specialty Temuan Cuisine with the Intergenerational Cooks of Serendah


  • Guided Trek Through History at Bukit Beruang
  • Specialty Temuan Cuisine with the Intergenerational Cooks of Serendah
  • Indigenous Temuan Crafts of Serendah

  • Activities other than those mentioned above
  • Travel Insurance
  • Transportation

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  • 9% off RM 320.00 from RM290.00
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