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An extensive Historical, Heritage and Culture Experience in George Town, Penang

Penang George Town has been accredited with UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE Status since 2008. This walking experience will bring you to a closer look into the Historical Heritage And Culture background of George Town. 

Uncover the Outstanding Universal Value (OUV) that George Town obtains which include the following:

1. The Multi-Racial and Diverse Culture in a Port City
2. The Unique Building Architecture
3. The Living Heritage that still using the Old Traditional way of running their business

During the 5 Hours walks, we will cover the History of How Penang Being Colonized by the British, Historical Monument and Structure includes Fort Cornwallis, Queen Victoria Clock Tower, Penang High Court, Logan Memorial, Penang Ancient Shophouses. 

We will also cover the shop houses unique architecture and Chinese Feng Shui Elements and the intelligence of ancient architecture. 

Besides we will also pay a visit to some of the Living Heritage in George Town to experience their Traditional Skill in making their products. 

We will cover the Culture religion evolution in George Town. From a common practice turn into a religious act. Understanding and uncover the needs of certain superstitions and taboos.

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