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This beautiful park sits on the nothernmost tip of Labuan.  It was inspired by the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Mahathir Mohamad and was opened for visitors on 31st August 1999.  Occupying an area 6.9 hectares, Labuan Bird Park features landscaped gardens with flowering plants, shady trees and walking paths.  Over 513 birds are kept in three[3]  large geodesic domes connected via four[4] tunnels.  Labuan Bird Park also strives to be a centre of knowledge on variety of birds.  It is home to a variety of Bornean birds such as Hornbills, Shamas an other species that are only found deep within the forested areas.  This park is situated about 16km from the city centre.  Entrance fee is required as below;

Adult - RM3.00
Senior Citizen/Student/Pensioner - RM2.00
Kids[6-12 years]/Disabled - RM1.00
Foreigner - RM5.00
Kids below 6 years - Free.

Phone Number : 087-463544/463546
Emel :
Facebook : Labuan Bird Park
Instagram : tamanburunglabuan

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