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Tanjung Piai National Park, Pontian, Johor is the southernmost point of Mainland Asia. Tanjung Piai is located approximately 75 Kilometers from Johor Bahru City. The original name of Tanjung Piai is named after a local grain tree known as Pokok Paku Piai. The extensive mangrove forest here is gazetted as a mangrove swamp forest reserve.

Tanjung Piai's plant diversity includes 29 species of mangroves and related mangroves. There are at least two distinct vegetation zones in the park based on the trees that dominate the zones. The Avicennia-Sonneratia zone grows near the sea where the mud is soft and deep, while the Rhizophora-Bruguiera zone grows inland where the soil is firmer and less exposed to waves.
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