PD Ostrich Show Farm & Sunset Cruise

Negeri Sembilan

About this Deal

Petting farm with ostriches, rabbits and other pets & farm animals. Lots of fruit trees

Ostriches are our star attraction. Feed them, hug them, even race them! Plus friends: rabbits, birds,
Planet Jurassic is a dinosaur park with some sculptures which can also move and sound. Also included The Country Cat Cafe

 Sunset Cruise: 
  • Cruise along Port Dickson's waters and experience beautiful sunset views together with your loved ones
  • Watch the setting sun cast its colors over the tranquil Malacca Strait sea with the Dickson Dragon cruise
  • Take a dip into a saltwater jacuzzi, which has a trawling net attached to the boat's side
Booking 3 days before coming

 Check in 5pm PD Marina Boarding 6pm Late comers will not be allowed on board. STRICTLY no refund for late/no show .  There is NO refund if customers fail to show on confirmed date of cruise. No extension of validity of cruise ticket shall be given  
If cruise is cancelled or unable to proceed because of weather / tide conditions / force majeure circumstances, there is NO refund but validity of cruise ticket shall be extended by 12 months 

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