City Expo Malaysia 2021

08 Nov 2021 - 08 Dec 2021

About the expo : CEM 2021 will be the first and largest virtual expo on city planning and development in Malaysia where these global and national issues like environmental threats, resource management, urban inequality, technology adoption and effective governance will be discussed and solutions to these challenges can be put forth – a nexus of ideas to tackle these issues that our cities face.
The latest technologies and infrastructure to improve city life will also be showcased and demonstrated at CEM 2021 to present the future that awaits us. The expo will also be a celebration of the progress that our cities have achieved in the past 100 years.
City Expo Malaysia is jointly organised by the Malaysian Institute of Planners (MIP) and Nextdor Property Communications to draw attention to the importance of good town planning in Malaysia. The purpose of City Expo Malaysia is to unite the best minds and organisations to discuss how to tackle urban challenges that are faced by our cities.
Event Info
Venue Virtual Expo
Organiser Malaysian Institute of Planners (MIP) and Nextdor Property Communications.
Website http://www.cityexpom ...