Malaysia AeroSport Festival 2022

29 Dec 2022 - 01 Jan 2023

The first event organized by Raftabina Aerosport in collaboration with Yayasan Salam Malaysia as a sport tourism event to provide the national platform for Aerosport sports in Malaysia like skydiving, paramotor and helicopter joy ride located at Tekah Air Strip ,Taiping, Perak.

This event gathered all the extreme air sport enthusiasts and visitors to enjoy the varieties of air sport activities. The objectives of MALAYSIA AEROSPORT FESTIVAL 2022 To introduce Taiping town as a city for Malaysian aero sports. Bring to light the historical infrastructure Tekah Airstrip, the first Airport in Malaysia built in 1929. To expose air sports to the civilians, especially corporate bodies, private bodies and other government agencies, not limited to the military only.

To provide aero sports activities for the youth as a new recreational sport through parachute courses and becoming part of tourism activities. To change the perception of the Malaysian community that air sport is safe with perfect learning and training.

To attract youth interest to participate into air sports and represent the country at the international level. To create a healthy community through air sports and interesting program activities.

Event Info
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