8 Places You Must Explore When In Perlis


You’ll fall in love at first sight once you experience the beauty of Perlis.

Perlis is Malaysia's smallest state, yet due to its location on the Malaysia-Thailand border, it has a rich past history and heritage that makes it uniquely different and exciting to explore. Perlis has its own beauty and unique charm that can't be found anywhere else in the world. Known for its beautiful limestone hills and endless miles of paddy fields, Perlis is a calm and peaceful state that is home to friendly locals.

Despite its relatively small geography, Perlis is an excellent destination for a long weekend getaway with so much to see and do. Here are the top Perlis attractions that you should visit.



1. Wang Kelian View Point


The breathtaking morning view at the top of Wang Kelian View Point 
📸 @shruffsabudin / @ku_shaf

At 304 metres above sea level, Wang Kelian View Point is one of Perlis' most well-known sights, situated along the northern part of the Thailand-Malaysia border. Visitors may experience the carpet cloud phenomena and stunning dawn as early as 6:30 a.m. while taking in the refreshingly cold air. To get to View Point, you must drive all the way up to the hill, and it is advised that you arrive at 6 a.m. At the top, you'll be able to get a panoramic view and the best sunrise sights in Perlis! There are also rows of vendors selling food and drink, so you can enjoy your meal while admiring the scenery.


2. Gua Kelam (Kelam Cave)


A trip to Kelam Cave is an unforgettable journey into Malaysia’s best-kept secret. 

A 370-metre-long limestone cave known for its 'cave walk,' Gua Kelam is one of Malaysia's most unique and adventurous caves. Commonly known as the "cave of darkness”, it is popular among cavern explorers. You will enter the cave from one end and exit from another location. The only way in is to across a wooden suspension bridge with an 8ft-wide walkaway. Back in the day, the hollow limestone path was used to carry tin from a mine near the entrance of Kaki Bukit’s stream. Today, the pedestrian way is well-lighted and relics of the old mine activity may still be found within. You may feel and hear the squeaking and dripping sounds of the bats, as well as the pouring water from the stalactites, which can either be comforting or terrifying!

 Address: Kaki Bukit, 02200 Kaki Bukit, Perlis

Operating Hours : Monday to Friday: 08:00 am – 05:00 pm|Saturday, Sunday: 08:00 am – 06:00 pm


3. TASIK Timah Tasoh (Timah Tasoh lake)


Timah Tasoh Lake’s pristine surroundings and scenic views are sure to make you feel at peace.


Timah Tasoh Lake is an artificial lake built in 1992, for supplying drinking water and protecting the region from floods. The lake gets its name from the two rivers flowing through it, the Timah River and the Tasoh River. This lake also serves as a sanctuary for migrating birds passing through the northern hemisphere. Its mountainous background and vast lake landscape is akin to the view of the Guilin of China, giving its visitors a one-of-a-kind experience. As the view calls for a longer stay, there are nearby resorts for your convenience, such as Terinai Lake View Resort and Tasoh Lake Resort.

Terinai Lake View Resort
Address: Jalan Kaki Bukit, 02400 Kangar, Perlis
Telephone: 04-938 4232

Tasoh Lake Resort
Address: Lot 3082, Jalan, Kampung Buit Manek, 02200 Kaki Bukit, Perlis
Telephone: 019-470 8331



4. BUKIT Keteri (Keteri HILLS)


Bring your climbing buddies and have fun conquering Bukit Keteri at a different level of height!
📸 @PerlisPermai


For the adventure seekers, this is one of the best to try in Perlis, especially for those into rock climbing. Surrounded by paddy fields, this limestone karst feature resembles two towers standing next to each other and can be seen as far as the eyes can see. Many have claimed Bukit Keteri to be one of Asia’s most difficult hills to climb. As you reach the top, you will be rewarded with a stunning 360-degree view of the surroundings. Climbing is much more enjoyable if there are obstacles to overcome, right?

Address: Bukit Keteri, Kangar, Perlis.


5. Warung Tepi Sawah


Get the most out of breakfast overlooking the stunning background of paddy fields.


Begin your day off with a visit to Warung Tepi Sawah (directly translated as Stall by the Paddy Field) early in the morning. The open-air kampung-style nook looks out into a breath-taking view of lush greenery of the paddy fields against a stunning background of a rugged limestone hillside. Make sure to try its fresh Apom Lenggang (crepes) served with curry or sambal (or both), and arrive early to avoid the long queue!

Address: Warung Tepi Sawah, Kangar, 
Telephone: +60 11-1083 7769



6. Floating Market


A floating market in a lake filled with beautiful landscape.


One of the few floating markets in Malaysia is here in Perlis, located in Pengkalan Assam. There are around ten boats selling fresh fruits and grilled fish, which are ideal for snacking. From street food to beverages to soothe your thirst, you may purchase these local delicacies at JPS Perlis. Only open during the weekends, the lakeside scenery makes it the ideal spot for a picnic with your family and friends. Aside from that, you may also go kayaking, fishing, or take a boat ride around the lake.

Address: Kompleks JPS Perlis, Pengkalam Asam,01000, Kangar, Perlis.
Entry Time: Sat; 9AM-10PM, Sun; 9AM-7PM (Closed on Mon-Fri)



7. MASJID Al-Hussain (Al-Hussain MOSQUE)


Catch a glimpse of the majestic Al-Hussain Mosque with grand architecture to behold.


Another well-known landmark in Perlis is the Al-Hussain Mosque. The Straits of Malacca can be seen from this mosque, which was built on the seafront and gives the illusion of a floating mosque during high tides. The mosque's uniqueness draws visitors to witness the mosque's walls that are covered with pebbles, corals, granites, and semi-precious stones. Both the exterior and inner architectural designs will certainly wow you. When you're there, you'll feel an incredible sense of peace both physically and spiritually. If you're a fan of architectural wonders, don't miss this opportunity to visit Al-Hussain Mosque, it will surely be worth the trip.

Address: 1, Persiaran Putra Timur, 02000 Kuala Perlis, Perlis



8. Padang Besar 


The perfect spot to shop in Padang Besar with favourite local products at low prices.


One of the biggest tourist attractions is a shopping paradise in Padang Besar (directly translated as Big Field), which is a popular shopping destination for visitors in Perlis, which is situated close to the Malaysia-Thailand border. This is the place to go to get good deals! You will find a wide variety of merchants, from souvenirs, apparel, toys, to kitchenware, and more.

Aside from its array of products, Padang Besar also provides a diverse selection of cuisines that are interesting to try, such as dried mango crisps, or locally known as kerepek mangga.

Address: Arked Niaga Padang Besar, Bulatan Arked Niaga, 02100 Padang Besar, Perlis.

Entry Time: Opens Everyday (09:00 am – 07:00 pm)



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