Gear Up for a Water Rafting Adventure in Kampar River

Kampar River

Malaysia is well-known for its diverse mountains and dense jungle, offering appealing rushes for adrenaline-pumping activity seekers.

The vast streamlines of forest are frequented by visitors who enjoy climbing, hiking, and trekking. However, if you are looking for a change of scenery in your exploration, why don’t you try a new adventure of water rafting?

Known for serene rivers and gorgeous waterfalls, Malaysia is also the home of extreme river sports. A short trip to Kampar River will soak you in the experience of going through a series of rapids streaming river – at the same time, you can also appreciate the beauty of nature that Gopeng Forest has to offer.

Located about 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur, Kampar River is a hotspot for water rafting. The river provides 3 thrilling classes of rafting (Class I-III), which will require teamwork and endurance, as well as the expertise of paddling and navigating. All 3 classes of rafting offer a different experience to visitors in terms of the flow of the river, the challenge of the course, and the technical skills required by the participants. Fret not, the experience is suitable for all, even if you are a beginner.

"...the stream of rapids provides breakpoints for you to relax and rest between the exhilarating journey of never-ending excitement."

Different Rapids Promising Different Experience

The adventure requires you to go through 10 rapids in total. The first rapid or the Broken Ledge is where all participants will pass by a historic area of the Gopeng Forest and the Kampar River – showcasing an old tin mining site and a remnant of a dam. While the Rajah Corner – the longest rapid of the adrenaline-fueled rafting experience will provide all participants with a mesmerizing scenery of the Rajah Brooke Butterfly colony.

Enough with the scenery, let’s explore the tough rapids. The toughest rapid is surely the Easy Drop consisting of two drops of height. The drops will require all to sit tightly at the center of the raft to avoid falling into the river. While the Hyside Rapid will test your teamwork skills as a group. At this rapid, all participants should gather themselves at the “high” side of the raft in a 30-degree angle – to prevent the raft from capsizing.

The other rapids such as the Paddle Breaker, Enders Rapid, and Snake Rapid also require you to be at the top of your concentration. However, the stream of rapids provides breakpoints for you to relax and rest between the exhilarating journey of never-ending excitement.

"...will be a memorable journey to behold by all adventure-lovers."

Safety Precautions

If you are a beginner, don’t worry as a comprehensive safety briefing will be conducted by the professionals. Make sure to pay close attention, as the safety precautions in the briefing are vital. Remember the do’s and don’ts when you are in the water including the paddling commands. Participants will also undergo a water confidence test – a short body rafting journey along the river.

The adventure of braving through the swirl and twists of Kampar River will be a memorable journey to behold by all adventure-lovers. Whenever you’re ready, gear up and brave through the raging river of Kampar.

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