Sleeping Giant, Pantai Penunjuk


"View Some Mind-Blowing Sculptures"

Pantai Penunjuk or Penunjuk Beach has one of the best-kept secrets of Terengganu. This beach is the site of an intriguing natural rock formation known as The Sleeping Giant. As the name suggests, the rock formation resembles a giant in slumber! However, visitors have to first get the right angle for their view and add a little bit of imagination. But from the right distance and perspective, you will not be disappointed as the naturally sculpted rock formation can be really perplexing and baffling!

Surrounded by the waters of the South China Sea, this rock formation attracts curious visitors and photography enthusiasts from all around. Penunjuk Beach is situated in the district of Kijal.

What To Do


  • Head out to the beach to view the Sleeping Giant rock formation
  • Have a picnic by the beach
  • Go fishing
  • Enjoy a boat ride
  • Whet your appetite with some seafood delights

Nearby Attractions


  • Teluk Kalong Beach
  • Mesra Mall



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