Step Into A Different World At Mossy Forest

You may be familiar with Cameron Highlands, but are you familiar with its mystical Mossy Forest of Mount Brinchang? A hidden gem of Pahang that will lead you to a whole different world with its strangely lovely woodland, this Mossy Forest should definitely be on your list during your next visit to Malaysia’s beloved highland.

Step into Malaysia’s very own Fangorn Forest (any LOTR fans out there?).

Source: Clean Malaysia

It is densely forested and covered with layers of moss, much as its name suggests. The Mossy Forest is also known as a Cloud Rainforest as mist settles here, creating a wonderful, dreamlike atmosphere.

The Mossy Forest, which is blanketed in mysterious mist and wrapped in a magnificent atmosphere, is situated at a high height of 2,032 meters above sea level. The mossy woods of Cameron Highlands, also known as Little England, spreads over an area of around 900 hectares near to the top of its very own Mount Brinchang.

Best visits are in the morning, to get the perfect mysterious atmosphere for the ‘gram! Source: Klook

The damp tropical evergreen forest is also a great habitat for a diverse array of montane species, including insects, snakes, birds, and mammals that are peculiar to this frigid environment. There are also different lichen and moss species covering the roots and hanging from the trees, depicting a surreal realm, one like the Fangorn Forest from Lord of the Rings! For Ringers out there specifically, this is the perfect place to live your Ringer fantasy!

Walkways and stairs in the woody foliage of Mossy Forest. Source: Klook


You'll also get the opportunity to observe exotic flora such as ferns, spices, orchids, and even medicinal plants that thrive in the moist environment. The best time to explore the Mossy Forest is in the morning, when it is blanketed in mist, creating a gloomy, mysterious mood that is great for photography.

There are several ways to ascend to the peak of the Mossy Forest, including 1) joining a 4WD tour, 2) driving up there yourself, 3) getting a cab halfway, or 4) hiking the rest of the way up! If you’re up for a challenge, a 2 to 3-hour jungle walk will be a good experience, especially amid its particularly cool weather, which can fall to 10°C (temperatures often range between 10°C and 25°C). Make sure to get a guide from local tour operators to book your tours here.


Address: 39000, Brinchang, Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia.

Popular time to visit: 9.00 am – 10.00 am

Average time spent: 5 Hours




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