Tower Walk 100: The Newest Attraction In Kuala Lumpur!

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Up, up, to the sky!

Credit photo: @Nadia Johari / @Aereon Wong


Do you dare to walk 100 feet above the ground? For those who yearn for that adrenaline rush, you may now take a stroll across the sky on the glass cliffs at Tower Walk 100 while enjoying the beautiful cityscape of Kuala Lumpur.


Tower Walk 100

The Tower Walk 100 is the newest attraction at Menara Kuala Lumpur that recently opened its doors to the public on 27th November 2021. The ‘100’ in the name indicates that you are over 100 feet (30.48 metre) above the ground! If you don’t mind the height, you can try to walk through the glass-transparent platform with an audible crack that will be heard as you step onto it. (But don’t worry, those are just sound effects!)


Do you have the guts to try this?

Credit photo: @Nadia Johari / @Aereon Wong


Located at T02 level of the iconic tower, you will get to enjoy the 360-degree view with an Insta-worthy photo of the bustling city. You will be donned with harness equipment to ensure your safety while having fun. In order for you to try this, you must be at least 120 cm tall and weigh between 30 kg and 140 kg. Also, make sure you are fully vaccinated!


YB Dato' Sri Hajah Nancy Haji Shukri has even tried to walk at the height of 100 feet at KL Tower!


The introduction of Tower Walk 100 is in conjunction with the 25th-anniversary celebration of Menara Kuala Lumpur, officiated by the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Dato’ Sri Nancy Shukri. Special prices are given to Malaysians, which cost RM35 for adults and RM25 for children. For non-MyKad holders, it costs RM70 for adults and RM40 for children.


Not challenging enough? Other than its impressive height of 421 metres, there are a variety of cool things you can try to experience here at Menara KL!


Sky Deck

A breathtaking view awaits at Menara KL’s Sky Deck.


Put your fear of height to test at the 300-meter open-air Sky Deck! This is where you will get the best breathtaking view of a 360-degree skyline of the vibrant KL city. It’s perfect for that one-of-a-kind OOTD shot that you’ve been dreaming of! Check the weather ahead to make sure you get the best photos of your trip here.


Sky Box

Credit photo: @xiaoadrian / @nereideee


If you're looking for something even more thrilling, the Sky Box is a must-try! It's an optional feature on the Sky Deck, offering a unique and mind-blowing experience. You will get fascinated and terrified at the same time by stepping through the giant glass box. The glass box is an extension from the Sky Deck platform that allows you to witness the crystal-clear view from beneath your feet and it is completely safe and guaranteed for you to try it out.


Observation Deck

There is an observation deck available if you want to stay inside


The Observation Deck is a good option for individuals who want to be inside rather than on the open-air Sky Deck. There’s no other place that could offer you with such a viewpoint of the city like the Menara KL’s Observation Deck could.


Upside-Down House


For the acrophobics, you can check out the upside-down house at the ground of Menara KL, a two-story house that stands on its roof! This artwork shows a totally upside-down, fully-furnished modern suburban house. Upon arrival, you'll be met with a bright yellow car with its tires in the air, a view you don’t always get to see in real life! This house claims to be the tallest upside-down house in Malaysia, and the first upside-down house in Kuala Lumpur.

Kuala Lumpur's upside-down house is also surrounded by colourful grass, trees, and a pavilion with views of the KL city centre. Inside, you can also explore different rooms in a natural home setting, such as the kitchen, living room, master bedroom, and loft. Of course, everything is upside down!


Blue Coral Aquarium

Various and exotic sea creatures, (Right) Red Diana Hogfish


Also, you can enjoy the mini underwater aquarium with various and exotic sea creatures from around the world, such as Fiji, Hawaii, and the Caribbean Islands. If you want to learn more, a guide is also available to provide additional information about this marine life only at the Blue Coral Aquarium @ KL Tower.



KL Tower Mini Zoo

The gecko says hello!


Before going home, say hello to the exotic creatures at KL Tower Mini Zoo. Try to combat another fear by posing with the phyton around your neck, or greet the meerkats, raccoons, and bat-eared foxes, all of which are guaranteed to melt your hearts.


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