Your Malaysian Street Art Directory: Part 2

Klang Valley and the Northern Region of Peninsular Malaysia


In the first directory, we have explored the street art scene around Klang Valley and the Northern Region of Peninsular Malaysia. This time around, let’s take a look at beautiful murals across the Southern Region. Haven’t read our Malaysian Street Art Directory: Part 1? Click here!

                                                     Negeri Sembilan

The much-anticipated roti seller that would go around our neighbourhood.


Tarian piring or piring dance, a traditional dance of the Minangkabau people.


At Lorong Seni Seremban, you will get to see various murals that depict the culture and everyday lives of Malaysians, including the treats we enjoy from our cendol hawker stall and motor roti (bread seller that would load his motorcycle with buns, loaves of bread, and snacks!), as well as our cultural dances like the tiger dance and piring dance.

In an effort to enliven the old town, Seremban City Council has collaborated with local artists in painting the city in multi-colours at different spots, including Benteng Walk, Terminal One Seremban, the whole stretch of Jalan Yam Tuan, as well as Pekan Nilai Lama. Visitors can now go on a mural hunt not only in Penang, but in Negeri Sembilan as well!

Nilai Street Art shows off the joyous Malaysian community.
Source: Pesona Seremban’s Facebook.




A colourful Jonker Street by Kiehl’s Malaysia.


Joining in the fun, the historical city of Melaka has also been a canvas for talented local artists to contribute to beautifying the streets and buildings. One of the many projects includes My Kiehl’s Heritage, an initiative by beauty brand Kiehl’s Malaysia in collaboration with local artist Fritilldea to give a new look to Jonker Street.

Another collection of mesmerizing artworks can be found along the Melaka River. Take a stroll by the riverbank to get a close-up look or ride the river cruise to enjoy the view!

A burst of colour along the Melaka River.

Aside from being a gastronomy paradise that would attract visitors to go on a food hunt, Melaka is also now the perfect place for another mural hunt for your Instagram feed! Explore the city and spot more hidden gems if you can.




The Loving Sisters in Muar, one of the largest murals in Malaysia.


Just like other states, the booming street art scene in Johor makes it impossible to fit all of their artworks in a simple write-up! Let’s see some of them around the quaint towns in Johor.

One of the more prominent murals in Muar is The Loving Sisters, one of the largest murals in Malaysia that was painted by a Russian artist, Julia Volchkova, whose works can also be found around Penang.

A lesser-known town, Bekok is situated in the Segamat district and is home to more than 20 murals in both 2D and 3D. My favourite has to be the 3D locomotive train mural that pays homage to Bekok Railway Station.


Choo choo! On board the locomotive train!
Source: Bed Hostel Bekok’s Facebook.


On the other hand, Simpang Renggam, a town in Kluang District, has taken the extra mile in bringing life into the nearly 100-year-old buildings around the town through street art. From this initiative, Simpang Renggam District Council has won the Green Apple Environment Awards for Beautification of Buildings in 2019.


Can you hear its roar? Malaysia’s pride, the Malayan tiger.

Surely this isn’t all, but let’s keep the rest for another time. Till we meet again in the final part of our street art directory, Part 3!



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