Your Malaysian Street Art Directory - Part 3

We’ve taken a virtual journey on the street art in Klang Valley and the Northern Region in Part 1, and we’ve taken a glimpse of the street art scene in the Southern Region in Part 2. Now, let’s finish off with the East Coast and East Malaysia! 

3D murals along the Bentong Walk. Source:

Our first stop on the East Coast is the peaceful town of Bentong, Pahang. While it may not be the city centre or the main attraction of the state, Bentong has been more welcoming by the day to surprise its tourists with the little gems it stores.

One of them includes the street art at Bentong Walk! Take a stroll along Jalan Chui Yin that is not only famous for its night market and art performances, but also for its 3D murals.

Another lane to be explored in Pahang is the back alley of Jalan Besar, Kuantan. More than 30 Pahang icons are eternalised by a team of local artists in the span of six months. One of the icons includes Malaysia’s legendary singer and songwriter, Temerloh-born Sudirman.

The late Sudirman Arshad, Malaysia’s legendary singer and songwriter. Source: Kuantan City Council
Yes, the carpets are painted too! Only in Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

If there’s one thing murals are good at, it’s giving life to uninviting back alleys and turning it into a hot spot for the locals and tourists alike! At Jalan Dato Pati, Kota Bharu, Kelantan, a breath-taking street art scene consisting of Middle Eastern and local elements awaits for you to get creative during your photoshoot sessions.

It is a joint effort between Kota Bharu Municipal Council and Persatuan Seni Lukis Kelantan (PESENI), together with paint company Jotun.

Local artists in the process of completing a mural under the Sultan Mahmud Bridge. Source: Bernama

Surely the faded walls and dark alleys aren’t the only ones that need their very own facelifts, for in Terengganu, they are also giving a new look to bridge pillars! In a collaboration between the National Art Gallery, Duyong Art Gallery, and the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MOTAC), Sultan Mahmud Bridge in Kuala Terengganu was given a burst of colour through four beautiful artworks that depict the culture and nature of Terengganu.

One of the many murals in Sibu, depicting the locals’ unique technique in selling their chickens and ducks! Source:

East Malaysia is also no stranger to the street art scene. In Sibu, for instance, a campaign called Sibu Street Art 2016 was launched by Sibu Municipal Council to commemorate the city’s culture and heritage. 10 murals are located throughout the city like Easter eggs for everyone to find!

Kuching is another vibrant city, with its buildings painted with large murals that can be spotted from afar. One striking example is the “Harmony” mural, comprising all of Sarawak’s pride: the rhinoceros hornbill and hibiscus flower.

Everything Sarawak in one large mural, situated on the corner of Main Bazaar and Wayang Street, Kuching. Source:
Yong tau fu ingredients painted in bold colours at Kedai Kopi Hin Kee. Source:

The awareness and appreciation for street art have naturally bloomed in Sabah, with many murals of different strokes and styles to be found across the state. Its capital city, Kota Kinabalu, is home to a colourful street art project called the Foh Sang Street Art. 28 shops across Foh Sang Street were beautified by 25 local artists, depicting the everyday life of the locals. Learn more about all the artworks here.

Legendary football player, Labuan-born Hassan Sani with his mural at Labuan International Ferry Terminal. Source:

This beautiful island is no exception to the street art celebration! Two prominent murals here serve as a homage to two local heroes, the legendary football player, Hassan Sani, and locals’ beloved cincau seller, Uncle Ah Ming! The gigantic artworks were done by local artists Andharas and Nazim Kula.

The locals’ hero, Uncle Ah Ming poses with his mural at Jalan Tun Mustapha. Source:

And that’s the end of our Malaysian Street Art Directory! I have to say, listing all the beautiful murals down has made me realise that it is almost impossible to cram all the creative works into a simple list. Here’s to the ever-growing street art culture!

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