Bridges to Haven

In today’s uncertainties, it’d be great to be somewhere with a splendid and magnificent view. Heaven on earth. Everything feels far and disconnected as we’re stuck at our homes. If only there was a bridge to reach into the realm of picturesque wonders.

Actually, there are quite some literal bridges with exquisite vista beyond words. Even being on the bridge itself will give you chills. Here in Malaysia, bridges are one popular spot for the lens or so called Insta-worthy. Being on land, above the sea, and floating in mid air, bridges don’t only serve aesthetic visuals, but it carries a notion of connection and unity.

Tegudon Tourism Village Suspension Bridge, Kota Belud, Sabah

Let’s not fight it, the view from the bridge here is to die for, especially for those who are keen on looking for a great spot for your camera. The suspension bridge at Tegudon Tourism Village is truly a hidden treasure. Your eyes will be pleased with the extravagant view of Mount Kinabalu, greenery around it, paddy fields, and a river below the bridge.

Photo courtesy MurphyNg

Guillemard Bridge, Kursial River, Kelantan

The strong, black solid steel bridge has a history worth telling. Being 600 meters long, this bridge is the longest railway bridge in the country. Despite the damage due to war in 1941, Guillemard Bridge’s technological marvel let it stand strong even after nearly a century.

One appealing factor that attracts people to pay the bridge a visit is the black hue that exist in contrast with all the greens, blue sky and the sparkling ray of light when it hits the water of Kelantan River.


Photo courtesy MenarikDiTanahMerah.FB

Kuala Tahan National Park Canopy Walk, Jerantut, Pahang

Being cocooned in lush greenery feels somewhat magical! And not to mention, this place has been existing for more than 130 million years (exceeding the Amazon). Kuala Tahan National Park holds the record for the longest canopy walk in the world, being 550 meters and suspended 40 meters above ground. You’ll be walking from tree to tree, observing all the rich flora and fauna down below. Where else could you get the best scene for your social media on a world record holding site? Only in Malaysia.


Photo courtesy

Pulau Rawa Jetty, Mersing, Johor

Along the Straits of Johor, about 16 km away from Mersing town lies a heavenly island called Pulau Rawa. Known as the ‘Pearl of an Island’ of Johor, Pulau Rawa, otherwise known as Rawa Island, deserves the attention it holds.

Well, that is not without good reasons: lovely white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and blue sky that fills the entire horizon, great views of the sun, sea and hills – there’s so much to love about this gem of an island. With all that, the jetty itself is worth for the lens. Plus, there are water slides installed for you to enjoy the waters all day long.

Photo courtesy

Terengganu Draw Bridge, Kuala Terengganu

A reminiscence of the London Tower Bridge, the latest attraction in Kuala Terengganu is more than just eye-catching. The 15-storey tall structure is not just any ordinary building, but becomes the new icon and landmark for the state of Terengganu.

What makes the draw bridge so majestic is the ever changing view, depending on the time. The bridge is filled with lights and in the evening, a purplish orange hue in the sky reflects on the waters with all the lights, making a drop dead gorgeous scenery. And do not miss their glass floored view when you go up the bridge.

Photo courtesy KualaTerengganuDrawBridge.FB

A symbol of unity and connection

Who would have thought, a bridge could give you a taste and experience of a lifetime. From great views, history remnants, and thrilling escapade up in the air, bridges in Malaysia are more than just what it is, it connects you to another world that would take your breath away. Let’s dream now for your awaiting tomorrow, here in Malaysia.


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