Panorama SkyCab Langkawi
VM2020_Take a Ride on the Steepest Sky Cab in the World

Boasted as one of the main attractions in Langkawi, this exhilarating fifteen-minute ride will bring riders to the peak of Mount Mat Cincang (the oldest rock formation in Southeast Asia).

PPanorama Langkawi SkyCab is a must-go if you’re planning to visit Langkawi Island, the jewel of Kedah. Enjoy every second of the thrilling ride surrounded by the green background of nature all along. This ride will surely be an unforgettable experience for all nature enthusiasts. Remember to take your time to appreciate the stunning panoramic view of Langkawi upon reaching the peak.


The Base Station

Your journey will begin at the Base Station or also known as the Oriental Village. It is located on the foothill of Mount Mat Cincang and displays numerous small whimsical cottages with quaint stores and eateries for visitors to dive in before riding the sky cab. This small village showcases both the Malaysian and Oriental architecture. Here, visitors will need to get their tickets for the cable car ride. One cable car can fit up to 6 people.

"...a 1,700-metre ride up, a picturesque ride high above the treetops of dense rainforest."

Middle Station

The journey from the Base Station to the Middle Station will take you on a 1,700 metres ride up, a picturesque ride high above the treetops of dense rainforest. It will take you on an elevation of 42 degrees (the steepest in the world) and up to 650 metres above sea level, operating at a speed of 3-meters per second.

This will surely be an adventurous yet exciting ride, especially for nature lovers. The middle station is an intermediate stop for all riders and you will have the option to stay on and continue the ride to the Top Station. If you opt to stop, you will have the opportunity to embrace the ridges of the mountain with a panoramic view of the main island, alongside the scenery of the surrounding islands from its 3 vertical chimneys.

" will be mesmerized to see the panoramic view of the entire Langkawi and more from the mountain peak.."

Top Station

Located at the summit of Mount Mat Cincang, the Top Station is just a short walk away from the Middle Station. If you still choose to take another quick ride in the sky cab, it will take you further up to 708 metres above sea level and the view will be so worth it!

There are 2 viewing platforms with an astonishing 360-degree scenery of Langkawi. In other words, you will be mesmerized to see the panoramic view of the entire Langkawi and more from the mountain peak. You will be greeted with unique and exciting features of the dominating rock peaks of Mount Mat Cincang, intertwining with the view of Southern Thailand, as well as tiny islands scattered all around the Andaman Sea; an exceptional scenery rarely seen anywhere else. If you are hungry, food and beverages are also available at the Sky Bistro, a small café at the Top Station.

Sky Bridge

The Top Station also gives you access to the Sky Bridge, which could accommodate up to 250 people at the same time. The bridge gives visitors a unique spatial experience of spectacular views all along the curve. It is the record holder for the longest free span and curved bridge in the world, engineered with a magnificent curved suspension bridge spanning about 125 metres in length and is held by an 82-meter single pylon.

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