Bako National Park
The Tropical Wonders of Bako National Park

Bako National Park is the oldest and one of the most frequented attractions in Sarawak, depicting the unrivaled biodiversity of the magnificent Borneo Rainforest.

The park is located about 47 km away from Kuching on the Muara Tebas peninsula, making the national park a strategic spot for local visitors and foreign tourists. Bako was officially made a national park in 1957 and spans for only 27 square kilometers; it is one of the smallest national parks in Malaysia.

Albeit being small in size, the park offers diverse landscapes and multiple ecosystems that highlight different parts of the park. Such diversity includes steep coastline cliffs, tropical beaches, mangroves, and coves. Aside from that, the park also features streams, rivers, swamps, beaches, a dipterocarp forest, and diverse vegetation.

"...offers diverse landscapes and multiple ecosysytem that highlight different parts of the park."

diverse flora and fauna


Housing diverse flora and fauna species, the park is truly a paradise for nature lovers. There are approximately 600 flower species available in the park which includes the rare carnivorous pitcher plants and elegant orchids. Well known for its extensive list of available vegetation, the park also exhibits decoration of flowers; flourishing the park in a lush harmonious colour that further enriches its scenery.

Bako National Park is also home to 267 wildlife species which casually roam the park’s compound such as silver leaf monkeys, long-tailed macaques, slow loris, flying lemurs, mouse deer, wild boars, civets, pangolins, and the pinnacle of the park; the rare wild proboscis monkeys.

pristine beaches and blue sea


Bako National Park also takes pride in its white sandy beaches, providing a relaxing shift for a short rest throughout your journey in the jungle. Telok Pandan Kecil trail will lead you to one of the park’s most remarkable beaches - Telok Pandan Kecil beach which boasts glorious rocky headlands, offering an astonishing view mimicking a secluded bay.

Million years of erosion have sculpted the rocky headlands into splendidly shaped sea stacks and sea arches. This includes the ever-iconic Bako sea stack which is considered as one of the country’s geological treasures. Most of the park’s beaches feature a steep sandstone and limestone cliffs, rocky golden brown headlands, white sands, and unique rock formations that are scattered across the beaches.

Bako National Park offers an unparalleled experience of the opulent Sarawak rainforest. If you’re looking for a place to get in touch with nature or to explore the wonders of Borneo’s finest treasure, start planning your trip to Bako National Park now.

adventure in the jungle trails


The park implores visitors to venture deep into a wholesome nature experience through its 18 walking trails, colour-coded according to their length. You are welcomed to choose a trail that fits your preferences and indulge yourself in different pre-planned activities with your family and friends. 11 trails of Bako National Park will end within the park, while 7 others will bring your exploration to an end at the beach.

For visitors that are looking for a more adventurous experience rather than a casual walk through the jungle, you can opt for a full-day jungle hike or an overnight camping journey; an imperious chance to graze the wildlife up close and to enjoy the light breeze of nature alongside a series of streams and captivating waterfalls.


National Park Opening Hours :

8.00 a.m to 5.00 p.m

Monday - Sunday including Public Holiday

Further Information:


Tel: (+6) 082-610088 (General Line) 1-800-88-2526 (Toll Free Line)

Fax: (+6) 082 610099

Tel: (+6) 082 360933



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