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Keretapi Sarong

16 Sep 2023

Following the resounding success of last year's event, Keretapi Sarong is back, and it's bigger than ever, drawing an estimated crowd of 10,000 individuals from all walks of life. Under the theme of "Ethnicity," the event aims to paint a vibrant cultural tapestry that mirrors the diverse Malaysian society. Expect cultural showcases featuring traditional dances, music performances, and captivating storytelling sessions that delve into the heart of Malaysia's multicultural identity. 

On the auspicious occasion of Malaysia Day, September 16, 2023, Keretapi Sarong has devised a unique celebration plan. Kuala Lumpur will take center stage as the epicenter of Keretapi Sarong's festivities, with participation spanning various stations, including Putrajaya Sentral (KLIA Transit), Subang Jaya (LRT), Bukit Jalil (LRT), Bandar Utama (MRT), Ampang (LRT), Gombak (LRT), Kajang (MRT), and KL Sentral (LRT). Get ready for a day brimming with culture, unity, and sheer enjoyment.

Your Guide to Celebrating Keretapi Sarong 2023
As the excitement engulfs Kuala Lumpur, this event is poised to become the most eagerly anticipated gathering of the year. Keretapi Sarong 2023 kicks off at 8:30 AM and continues until 6:00 PM. Here's your guide to experiencing and celebrating this extraordinary event

Catch the nearest train station to reach Dataran Merdeka.
For residents of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, this is an event you won't want to miss. Eight of the most popular train stations have been designated as gathering points for each location before making the journey to Dataran Merdeka. These stations include Putrajaya Sentral (KLIA Transit), Subang Jaya (LRT), Bukit Jalil (LRT), Bandar Utama (MRT), Ampang (LRT), Gombak (LRT), Kajang (MRT), and KL Sentral (LRT).

Activities at Keretapi Sarong 2023.

With a spotlight on celebrating Malaysian culture, showcasing traditional Malaysian clothing is at the core of the event's activities. Participants from around the globe are encouraged to don traditional attire, offering an opportunity for everyone to appreciate and understand these cultural gems.

But the festivities don't stop there; there will be contests for the best traditional costume, the most captivating photo taken during the event, and the finest recorded videos. An exhibition showcasing Malaysia's heritage will also grace the event, and local products will be available for purchase from food trucks.

The art performances will showcase Malaysia's rich cultural heritage, adding an enriching layer to the experience. Plus, a singing session during the journey and gathering will allow all participants to join their voices in harmony as the event concludes at the last train station.

Dress according to the “Ethnicity” theme.

What sets this event apart is the enthusiasm of people eager to dress in Malaysian costumes and be part of something truly special. This year, Keretapi Sarong's theme is "Ethnicity," promising excitement as Malaysia's diverse cultures display their unique costumes. Attendees are encouraged to dress in attire representing Malay, Chinese, Indian, Peranakan (Baba Nyonya), Kadazan, Iban, and many other ethnicities.

Keretapi Sarong Across Various Locations
The excitement extends beyond Kuala Lumpur's borders, as the event adopts the "Ethnicity" theme in multiple locations. To enhance enjoyment and broaden participation, both local and overseas cities have been included. While Dataran Merdeka remains the primary destination, five other cities are part of this celebration:

- Keretapi Sarong at Johor Baharu (along Sungai Segget)
- Keretapi Sarong at Ipoh (KTMB Ipoh)
- Keretapi Sarong at Kuala Terengganu (Kampung Budaya Terengganu)
- Keretapi Sarong at LaRocka Park (Tunjong Kota Bharu)
- Keretapi Sarong at London, United Kingdom (Battersea Power Station as endpoint)

As we commemorate Malaysia Day on September 16th, Keretapi Sarong embodies the true spirit of this occasion, promising a delightful celebration. This year also marks the debut of Keretapi Sarong in Kelantan, with plans to include more destinations in the future. For participants, this year's event holds the promise of becoming an indelible and remarkable experience.


Event Info
Venue Dataran Merdeka
Organiser LOCCO
Contact Adam Faizal: +60 11-2165 6707