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Experience the perfect blend of faith and exploration in Malaysia. With our rich Islamic heritage, diverse culture, and Halal-friendly options, your journey aligns seamlessly with your beliefs and values. Make Malaysia your destination for an outstanding halal travel experience.



Malaysia, a multicultural nation of 28 million people, maintains a harmonious blend of diverse ethnic groups. While the Malay community forms the majority, it coexists peacefully with Chinese, Indian, and various other ethnic groups.

Islam holds the constitutional status of the official religion, but Malaysia ensures the safe and peaceful practice of other religions as well.

1. Abundance of Halal gastronomy

Accessible Halal local and international delicacies – just look out for the easily-recognisable Halal logo. They’re prominently displayed on food packaging and restaurant outlets everywhere in Malaysia, thus you are ready to eat without worry!

2. Prayer facilities and Islamic attractions

With prayer facilities located at key tourist attractions and public areas, you will feel encouraged to travel with ease. Visits to Islamic attractions, including the Masjid, are often on the Muslim traveller’s itinerary, it is the perfect attraction to introduce tourists to Malaysian Muslims’ history and culture. Many of Malaysia’s mosques have in-house guides that can arrange an insightful tour of the mosque for you.

3. Muslim-friendly hotels

Hotels with Muslim-friendly services are always a top choice for Muslim tourists. The provision of prayer rugs, Qiblat direction, and of course, Halal food can make your stay in Malaysia conveniently fuss-free. For added assurance, look out for the MFAR logo, which stands for Muslim-Friendly Tourism and Hospitality Assurance and Recognition, and is a mark of the hotel’s Muslim-friendly facilities and services, recognised by Islamic Tourism Centre.

4. Washroom facilities

Water is an essential element for Muslim tourists for physical and spiritual purification. Washrooms with a clean source of water are accessible everywhere here, leaving you to freely get on with your day with ease and comfort.

5. Family-friendly recreation

Malaysia is a remarkable destination for families, offering a wealth of family-friendly attractions along with beautiful beaches, scenic mountains and unique cultures and traditions as well as vibrant shopping centres, theme parks and other exciting tourism products that can be enjoyed with the whole family. There is so much to do, see, and experience within what is permitted in Islam, which requires a family-friendly environment.

6. Health and wellness choices

The growing awareness for healthy lifestyles has encouraged people to travel for the sake of their own well-being. Here, you can choose from a variety of Halal healthcare and medical solutions. Be spoiled with the massive options of Muslim-friendly healthcare, wellness and medical centres that offer quality service at affordable prices!

7. Trusted travel companion

Immerse yourself in the charms of Malaysia through engaging storytelling by Muslim-Friendly Tourist Guides (MFTGs) that have been recognised by Islamic Touris Centre. This group of licensed tourist guides have all the expertise and knowledge necessary to attend to your specific faith-based needs. Take in breathtaking views of our cities and countryside during your obligatory prayer pit stops and enjoy the best of halal eateries, all recommended by your trusted MFTGs.


There’s really so much to see and do in Malaysia, especially catered for Muslim travellers who do not wish to compromise their faith obligations during their travels. It’s no wonder that Malaysia has been ranked Top Muslim-Friendly Destination for the 8th consecutive year in the Mastercard-Crescentrating Global Muslim Travel Index and awarded Muslim Women-Friendly Destination of the Year 2023 at Halal in Travel awards.

These, along with a welcoming environment and Government-backed policies and initiatives, strengthen Malaysia's position as the nucleus of the global halal industry.

Islamic Tourism Centre (ITC) plays a focal role in bringing Malaysia to the forefront of Islamic tourism. Established in 2009, ITC introduced the concept of "Muslim-Friendly Tourism and Hospitality (MFTH)" as a marketing and branding tool to attract Muslim tourists both domestically and internationally to visit a destination and ensure tourist satisfaction. Since then, ITC has played a role in developing the Islamic Tourism industry in Malaysia by offering training programmes, capacity building, advisory services, conducting research and recognition, and organising seminars and conferences to ensure that Malaysia is at the forefront of Islamic Tourism and Muslim-Friendly Tourism and Hospitality (MFTH).


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