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Keretapi Sarong 2022

16 Sep 2022

Celebrate Malaysia Day this year with Keretapi Sarong!

This year marks the return of the physical Keretapi Sarong on Malaysia Day, after two years of virtual Hari Sarong.

Malaysians, unite!

Have you made plans for Malaysia Day yet? Consider joining the long-awaited Keretapi Sarong event!

What is Keretapi Sarong?

Keretapi Sarong is a unifying event where people from all walks of life gather to celebrate Hari Malaysia, as well as our culture, music, and traditions.

People gather at designated stations in their sarong & traditional attires to a “Secret Location” that will only be revealed on the event day.

Retro Kuala Lumpur is the theme for this year's Keretapi Sarong.

Every year on the 16th of September on Malaysia Day, locals and also tourists can dress up in their sarong or traditional attire and get on public trains in the Klang Valley, to head for a specific place where they celebrate the day, dressed to the nines.

This extravagant event aims to unify Malaysians no matter their background, encourage the use of public transportation, and uphold Sarong as a symbol of integration.

Fun facts about Keretapi Sarong

  • The secret location will be revealed on the day when people gather together at the five checkpoints.
  • The five checkpoints or stations for this year’s event are MRT Kajang, LRT Gombak, LRT Subang, MRT Bandar Utama and LRT Ampang (people will gather here first, then move together to the secret venue).
  • There will be several activities held at the stations as well as the final venue like folk song singing, traditional dancing (Joget Lambak), traditional games, performances, quizzes and a few contests.
  • The trains will depart at 9 am, so citizens are advised to arrive around 8 am – 8.30 am for a warm-up session at the stations.
  • They will also have singing and dancing sessions on each of the trains while you travel to the final venue.

What should you bring?

Everyone is encouraged to join this year’s Keretapi Sarong 2022. As we are expecting a large crowd, prepare yourself with some of these necessities:

  • Touch & Go card (the event is free, but you have to pay for the public transportation like LRT & MRT rides)
  • Bottle of water (you’re going to march in unexpected weather, so you’ll be parched)
  • Face Masks (Keep them on in public transport!)
  • Hand fan or electric hand fan (it’s going to be packed and hot!)
  • Your sarong (Bring extra in case you want to join the sarong train where they tie the sarong in a long line)
  • Your patriotic spirit! (Get ready with our traditional & patriotic songs & dances!)

For more info, visit Locco’s website, which explains more about the event and its history or watch the whole documentary here.

So, got your sarong ready for this Malaysia Day? Stay tuned on Locco’s FacebookInstagramTwitter, and TikTok for more daily updates!

Let's get our sarongs on!

Event Info
Venue Kuala Lumpur & Klang Valley
Organiser LOCCO
Contact +6011 3581 0119
Website ...