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Pameran Karya Wanita Sabah Ke-13 2022

29 Jul 2022 - 23 Oct 2022

The Sabah Women’s Art Exhibition has been around since 2007 with a goal to encourage female artists to be more active in the arts and creative industry. This exhibition helps in showcasing and displaying the creative works of talented women to the public as it is essential to introduce, uncover and expose the uniqueness as well as the exclusivity of the artist’s work. We believe that women’s participation in this exhibition can lead to the development of a special creative movement and style in Sabah.

Although this exhibition has been on-hold for two years due to the pandemic, the exhibition is ready for a new comeback. Now with a blend of new and existing female artists that will definitely catch the public’s attention. The Sabah Women’s Art Exhibition 2022 has now come to its 13th year and it has most definitely become an important event especially for the female artists that are based in Sabah, as well those who are born and raised in Sabah. 

However, why does this exhibition only display the creative talents of women alone? It cannot be denied that throughout centuries, most well-known artists are men and people will usually recognize a male artists’ name and their work. In contrast with their female counterparts, it would still be hard to recognize works done by women, hence women are often overlooked and they are less notable in the art industry. So, to put it in the easiest way to answer this question would be because the number of male artists that are active in the art industry are greater than their female equivalent. Thus, the significance of this exhibition is to encourage and motivate women to continue making the art that they love and to not let their artistic side be neglected or cast away. Aside from that, this exhibition also acts as a platform for them to showcase their love for art by displaying their works. 

This year, The Sabah Women’s Art Exhibition 2022 garnered a total of 96 female artists who will be exhibiting around 267 artworks.  These numbers are proof that this exhibition has captured the interest of more female artists to come out of their shells and be bolder in sharing their range of art to the public. Traditional and creative craft making are also highlighted this year. Besides being exhibited there will also be a demonstration on how their crafts are made. Adi Guru Dainsing - a Murut Tangala craftswoman will be among the artists who will showcase their speciality in which hers will be weaving and embroidery. Each of the artistic works in this exhibition showcase the women’s wide range of styles and touches a variety of subjects which reveals their thoughts and their ideas.

Numbers can change each year but regardless of that, The Sabah Women’s Art Exhibition will still continue to support, encourage and motivate female artists to keep on sharing their love for art as well as to keep on harnessing their artistic talents and skills. By their simple act of sharing their love for art through this exhibition, it can actually inspire the young dreamers and art lovers to aspire to become someone like them – an artist.
Event Info
Venue Galeri Umum dan Galeri Yaman, Aras 3-4, Balai Seni Lukis Sabah.
Organiser Balai Seni Lukis Sabah (Sabah Art Gallery)
Contact 088268748
Fax 088210040
Website https://sabahartgall ...