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PANGGUNG SENI TRADISIONAL : Muzik Dan Tarian Tradisional Cina 'SILK ROAD'

24 Jun 2023 - 25 Jun 2023

The Chinese society is rich in cultural heritage and has a variety of unique artforms. Among the most interesting art is the Chinese traditional music which is believed to have a history of 8,000 years. This is based on the discovery of bone flutes in the Neolithic period and some musical instruments found in Shang Dynasty archaeological sites. Therefore, the long history of traditional Chinese music is a legacy of the quality of its melody and rhythm.  The Pipa, Yangqin, Guzheng, Er Hu and Zhudi are among the traditional musical instruments that are also featured in a Chinese orchestra. Let us experience the melodious beauty of the Silk Road in Malaysia.

Malaysian Chinese Cultural Society (MCCS)

Event Info
Venue Dewan Tunku Abdul Rahman, MaTIC
Organiser JKKN Head Quarters, Kuala Lumpur
Contact 03-26148200
Website https://portal.jkkn. ...