6 Must-Visit Cafes Around Jonker Street


Welcome to Melaka, a city steeped in history where the echoes of colonial influences resonate through its vibrant culinary scene, and today, still evident in the charming cafes scattered throughout the city.

If you find yourself at Jonker Street, be sure to keep an eye out for some of these cafes for a unique fusion experience. Think delicious meals savoured within a cosy, picture-perfect ambience that will take your dining experiences and your Instagram posts to the next level.

1. The Daily Fix Cafe

The Daily Fix Cafe is cosily tucked within the streets of Jonker and is known for its diverse offerings with something for everyone from flavorful Malaysian delights to delectable Western dishes.

This popular aesthetic cafe is housed within a refurbished heritage building and is embellished with lush greenery on the outside whilst sprinkled with Baba Nyonya trinkets within. The cafe exudes a nostalgic feel with its vintage pieces such as a retro-style stereo, knick-knacks from the 90s and many more.

For a tea-time treat, opt for the Daily Fix’s signature pandan pancake, which is a crowd-pleaser. Also a favourite, the fluffy pancakes are infused with a rich pandan flavour that will satisfy any sweet craving. For the perfect dessert pairing, grab an aromatic cup of freshly brewed coffee to seal the deal.

To learn more about the Daily Fix Cafe, click here.

2. Baba Kaya

Looking to travel back in time by way of enjoying some comfort food? Look no further as Baba Kaya brings you popular treats hailing from the glory of the 90s.

Situated by the Melaka River, customers are also invited to dine alongside the river while taking in the natural beauty that surrounds the cafe.

While you are here, you will not want to miss out on Baba Kaya’s sweet apam, which is delivered to you in the most fun and unique way. Inspired by the olden days’ pulley system, ordering an apam is done by ringing a bell from the outside of the restaurant. When your treat is ready, pull on the rope provided to send a basket to the second floor where the chef will carefully place the meal and lower it down for you to enjoy.

Other meals that are a must-try at this cafe include the spicy laksa noodles, flavourful nasi lemak paired with chicken rendang and freshly toasted bread served with homemade tri-coloured Nyonya kaya (sweet coconut spread). Wash down your meal with refreshing drinks such as the iced coconut Luwak coffee, tangy mango lassi or their signature spiced masala tea.

To learn more about the Baba Kaya, click here.

3. Calanthe Art Cafe

This 19-year-old cafe also resides along the famous Jonker Street. Known for its aromatic coffee, Calanthe Art Cafe specialises in 13 coffee varieties, which represent the 13 states in Malaysia.

Their menu boasts a variety of signature favourites that are packed with delicious sauces and spices quintessential to classic Malaysian comfort food. For starters, opt for their signature curry laksa, asam pedas or nasi lemak for an unmistakably authentic local experience.

The charming interior of the cafe also offers its customers a relaxing vibe within a cosy environment. Alternatively, you may also enjoy your meal out at the courtyard, where natural sunlight beautifully streams through the open roof.

To learn more about the Calanthe Art Cafe, click here.

4. Geographer Cafe

The Geographer Cafe is known to offer a delightful selection of meals that will tantalise your tastebuds. Situated in a corner of a pre-war shophouse, this cafe has been a long-standing fixture since 1999.

Nestled within Jonker Street, the Geographer Cafe offers a warm atmosphere where East meets West. If you are looking for a place to dine at, that also comes with entertainment, then Geographer Cafe is ideal for you as weekly performances do take place here.

When it comes to its food offering, the Geographer Cafe features a variety of dishes ranging from Asian delights such as Jonker’s Fried Rice, Mango Thai Chicken, and Nyonya Fried Vermicelli to Western favourites including Napolitana pasta, Margherita Pizza and Crispy Chicken Chop. From tall glasses of ice-cold draught beers or one of the many non-alcoholic refreshing cocktails, you will also be spoiled for choice when it comes to its beverage menu.

To learn more about the Geographer Cafe, click here.

5. Heesan Kopi

Refuel with a meal that is both comforting and delectable at Heesan Kopi. This cafe’s concept is a cool combination of modern and vintage styles, offering a chic and comfortable respite after a walk through Jonker Street.

Send your taste buds into a frenzy with hearty meals or light bites here. With something for everyone, you can enjoy easy go-to’s such as the Smoked Duck Aglio Olio or a classic cheesy pizza to the cafe’s wide range of sweet cakes or a fresh cup of coffee that is brewed-to-order if you are feeling only slightly peckish.

To learn more about the Heesan Kopi, click here.

6. The Coffee Jar

Unassumingly quaint, The Coffee Jar offers one of the most flavourful coffees around. As you set foot in here, you will be greeted by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee that is made right before you.

Count on the cafe’s laid-back ambience to bring you the relaxation you need after a hot day in the sun. Stay a little longer to enjoy the variety of coffees available here that perfectly complement their desserts, which are also freshly made from the kitchen.

To learn more about the Coffee Jar, click here.

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