A Foodie’s Guide to Local Delights in Perak


Perak is known for its host of exciting local delicacies that will satiate any craving. Delicious local delights can be found in the most unassuming nooks and crannies of Perak, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled. From sweet treats like Bubur Perak to spicy and flavourful meals such as Nasi Ganja, there is definitely something for everyone here.

Salted Chicken

Ipoh is famous for all things delicious and salt-baked chicken is certainly high on the list. This mouthwatering dish is prepared using whole chickens, which are wrapped in paper before being encased in mounds of rock salt. The chicken is also carefully pre-marinated with an array of aromatic herbs and spices to guarantee an explosion of flavours soon as you take a bite of it. There are multiple shops in Ipoh that serve up salted chickens, which are cooked to perfection. Some top hits include:

Locally-made Coffee

Craving for a strong and flavourful cup of coffee? Look no further than Ipoh for a good local fix. Known as the birthplace of the famous Ipoh White Coffee, the city does not disappoint when it comes to a steaming cup of joe. Immerse yourself in the perfectly blended rich and aromatic coffee, which is served with just the right amount of steaming hot milk to give it a creamy finish. There are a variety of coffee shops in Ipoh which are famous for their white coffee including:

Home to the oldest coffee mill in Malaysia, is the town of Taiping, which brings you Antong Coffee. Showcasing its meticulous coffee-making process in the factory, Antong Coffee still uses olden-day pieces of machinery to produce some of the finest coffee grounds. There is also a retail store for visitors to purchase packets of coffee to try out in the comfort of their homes. The types of coffee available range from authentic black coffee to creamy white coffee.

Nasi Ganja

One of the most delectable meals for lunch in Ipoh is the Nasi Ganja. Similar to Nasi Kandar, Nasi Ganja is served up with a mixture of spicy curries, which ‘drown’ the rice and is paired with a side of protein, whether it be fish or chicken. A side of vegetables is also served together to complete a balanced meal. Living up to its name, the dish is certainly addictive in the best way. Nasi Ganja can be found in local food shops around Ipoh.

Head over early to avoid the crowd as some places tend to be packed to the brim with locals and tourists alike who are eager to sample this famous local dish. Below are some restaurants in Ipoh where you can find the most delicious Nasi Ganja:

Bubur Perak

For something lighter but just as delicious, stop by Warung Bubur Perak Titi Gantung to enjoy a bowl of sweet or savoury porridge. Featuring over 12 types of freshly cooked porridge, this restaurant has something to satiate every taste bud. Some favourites include Bubur Kacang Hijau, Bubur Cha Cha, Bubur Lambuk and Bubur Anak Lebah. Each bowl of porridge costs around RM 4, making it super affordable even if you were to sample a few types in one go.

Laksa Pangkor

Get a taste of the warm, tangy and spicy flavours of a comforting bowl of Laksa Pangkor, which is infused with a perfect blend of spices that brings the dish to life. Laksa Pangkor is often paired with fresh seafood such as fish, prawns and squid straight from the fishing villages nearby. Below are some restaurants in Pulau Pangkor where you can enjoy a hearty bowl of Laksa Pangkor:

Mee Udang

For a burst of sweet and spicy flavours, try out Perak’s famous prawn noodles, which is served piping hot with jumbo prawns that are truly the star of the dish. Also available stir-fried or served with curry, this is certainly one delicacy you won’t want to miss. Below are a few restaurants in Perak where you can enjoy some of the best prawn noodles in town:


While in Tanjung Malim, make a pit stop for a soft and warm pau (steamed buns) or two at Yik Mun Pau. Operating since 1926, Yik Mun Pau serves up pillowy soft pau, which are stuffed with sweet or savoury fillings. Try out the spicy beef or chicken pau or opt for a sweeter option with the kaya or red bean-filled pau.

Bamboo Rice

Tanjung Malim is also home to the famous ‘bamboo rice’, which is basically flavourful rice cooked in a piece of bamboo, then served with a multitude of side dishes that perfectly complement the rice. Steamed to perfection, Bamboo Rice is best enjoyed with spicy curries, fresh vegetables and chicken or fish dishes. Below are a few restaurants in Tanjung Malim that are home to the best bamboo rice in the area:

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