Amazing Places To Explore In Perlis


Perlis is brimming with the luscious countryside and outstanding views to enjoy - from the panoramic limestone hills of Bukit Chabang with its iconic twin peaks to the popular sport climbing route of Bukit Keteri, Bukit Chuping and Bukit Jernih.

With Thailand in the north and Kedah in the south, this tiniest and the northernmost state of Peninsular Malaysia is also home to the several forest reserves located on the Nakawan Range – the oldest continuous limestone range in Peninsular Malaysia near Thai border, which dating back more than 250 million years ago.

Head to the Wang Kelian Viewpoint for the picturesque vantage point to enjoy Perlis’s charming green mountains, cloud sea and bird’s eye view of rice fields.  Enjoy a day out hunting for gastronomic adventure at a fishing village of Kuala Perlis with a hub of seafood galore named Kompleks Makanan Laut Negeri Perlis (Komalaut).

For a unique dining experience, check out Ladang Nipah Kipli in Kuala Sanglang to savour local foods and drinks such as laksa Perlis and nira nipah (palm sap), surrounded by palm trees. Gorge on a delicious variety of kampung dishes at Anjung Keli Restaurant in Kangar or try out the soft and fluffy capati bread served with curry at Capati Arau. 

Not to forget the distinct sweetness of mango, Harumanis Perlis which has gained trademark and deliciously eaten with glutinous rice, known as pulut mangga. 

Nowadays, Perlis is not only known for its popular stop off for shopping among tourists at Padang Besar Duty-Free Zone near Malaysia-Thai border. So, if discovering awe-inspiring vistas in the natural countryside setting just made your day, many attractions in Perlis are undoubtedly incredible sights to behold.

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