Bohey Dulang Island


Bohey Dulang

Spanning just about 313 hectares wide, Bohey Dulang Island is not only a paradise for birdwatchers and jungle trekkers, but also the perfect honeymoon destination for newlyweds.


Located in Semporna, Sabah, Bohey Dulang Island is the second largest island in the Tun Sakaran Marine Park archipelago. With a unique lagoon-like formation created by the flooding of seawater to a crater from the remnants of an ancient volcano, the sea around Bohey Dulang Island is inhabited by lots of colourful coral reefs, providing divers and snorkellers a picturesque view.


Besides diving and snorkelling, visitors can also hike up to the highest peak (353 metres) of Bohey Dulang to enjoy a scenic view of the surrounding area, and to be closer to the rare flora and fauna found on the island.


Bohey Dulang Island is also home to various species of birds, including hornbills, partridges, metallic pigeons, babblers, and black-naped fruit doves, making it a paradise for bird watchers.  


While you are at the island, you should visit the Giant Clam and Marine Invertebrate Hatchery to learn more about giant clams, especially some rare species, and see a few endemic species of giant clams at the nursery’s tank area. Besides that, the hatchery also conducts seaweed farming.


The island is also home to the nomadic Sea Gypsies, known as the Bajau Laut locally, whose water-bound lifestyle offers another unique and fascinating sight for visitors to witness.  


Accommodation is not available on the island; hence, visitors can stay at adjacent islands, such as Pom Pom and Mataking, and join day trip to Bohey Dulang Island. Alternatively, visitors can also stay at Semporna town, which offers a range of accommodation to choose from.


How To Get There

Bohey Dulang Island is a 35-minute speedboat ride away from Semporna. From Pom Pom and Mataking islands, it takes about 20 minutes by speedboat to reach Bohey Dulang.


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