Crocker Range National Park



Established in 1984, the Crocker Range National Park boasts an area of 139,919 hectares, making it the largest park in Sabah. It is not only classified as a national park, but also recognised as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.


With its diversity of rare and endemic species of plants and wildlife from its lowland tropical forest to the higher montane forest, the park is certainly every nature and outdoor lover’s paradise.


Bird watchers would be thrilled to know that the park is also a premium birding spot, boasting a list of magnificent unique birds, including Asian paradise flycatchers, buff-rumped woodpeckers, bulbuls, hornbills, pacific swallows and chestnut munia.



For the more adventurous, the Padas River, which flows through the Crocker Range National Park, offers the best opportunity for white water rafting in the entire Borneo.


Hikers can go on a hiking adventure on the Salt Trail, which starts at Inobong and ends at Tikolod, spanning a distance of 34 kilometres. This jungle trekking route, traditionally followed by village traders, promises a wholesome adventure in the wilderness, with rugged pathways, muddy river valleys, and a glimpse of village life around the area.


The insectarium at the Park Headquarters gives visitors a chance to see rare species of insects. The park has over 400 species of insects, including stick insects, leaf insects, rhinoceros beetles and stag beetles, among others.




You can also explore the Fern Garden, which houses approximately 55 species of ferns, and catch a glimpse of the Rafflesia in its natural habitat at the Rafflesia Plot, which is dedicated to the conservation of these rare flowers.


Overnight stays are possible here as there are dormitories, a rest house and campsites for camping. Night jungle walks are also possible with prior arrangement with the rangers.


The best time to visit the park is between May and the end of September or early October. Avoid the monsoon season from October to January/February.

How To Get There

The Crocker Range National Park is about 96 kilometres away from Kota Kinabalu. You can take a taxi from Kota Kinabalu to the Keningau taxi station (RM120 per taxi), and another taxi to the Crocker Range station (RM40 per taxi). Alternatively, you can also take a bus near the Merdeka Field to Keningau (RM16 per person).

For further details, please visit the official website of the Board of Trustees of the Sabah Parks


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