Everything Is Awesome At Legoland!

If you’re a true fan, you would be singing the moment you read that headline. Yup, everything sure is awesome when you’re living out a dream, and that dream is right here in Johor, Malaysia!

Step into the land where the world is made out of LEGO, something we’ve all been dreaming of when we were younger. There are three different zones for you to explore (Theme Park, Water Park, and Sea Life) and a beautiful LEGO “castle” for you to unwind and take a rest.

Let us give you a sneak peek at what it’s like inside, and what you’re in for when you pay a visit!


Ahoy, matey!

Hold on to your jaw ‘cause it will drop when you enter this castle-like LEGO-inspired hotel! You will be greeted by a massive LEGO ship in the middle of a pool of LEGO, among other quirky interiors that just bring your LEGO experience to life. It will be a treat from the start for the kids as they get to play around while you sort out the check-in.

Adventure-themed room at LEGOLAND Hotel.

The rooms will be nothing short of interactive, as you will have puzzles to solve, treasures to hunt, and bring home! There are four themes to choose from: PIRATE, KINGDOM, ADVENTURE, or NINJAGO.

For more information on room rates, availability, and promotions, click here.

A feast at Bricks!

Your stay won’t be complete without a LEGOLAND dining experience. Be sure to dine in at LEGOLAND Hotel’s Bricks Family Restaurant for a feast and look out for those intricate LEGO decorations! And don’t forget to complete the crosswords and games on the table mat before you rest with a full tummy.

For more information on dining options such as Kai’s Sushi Bar and Coffee @ Bricks, click here.


Just a few steps away to the magical world of LEGOLAND!

Step inside Malaysia’s Legoland Theme Park and discover 40 shows, rides and attractions across its eight themed areas, namely The Beginning, LEGO Technic, LEGO CITY, LEGO Kingdoms, MINILAND, Imagination, Land of Adventure, and LEGO NINJAGO World!

Welcome to LEGOLAND!

Get your camera ready from The Beginning as there will be many LEGO figures (built or alive!) to pose with. You will also find The Big Shop, where you get to stock up on your LEGO collection or bring home some small mementoes. Not to worry, the whole park is scattered with LEGO shops of various sizes, as well as restaurants and snack bars.

Among the must-visit areas is MINILAND, where you will find some of the famous attractions from 17 Asian countries built with over 30 million LEGO bricks! You may also feel like Gulliver during his travels, until you stand by the side of Malaysia’s gigantic Petronas Twin Towers in all its LEGO glory.

Get the right angle to fit this giant in one frame!

A theatrical journey into NINJAGO’s Realm of Shadows.

In between the fun rides and activities, make sure to keep track of the showtimes at LEGO City Stage, where you get to see your favourite LEGO characters perform live! You may go on an adventure with NINJAGO’s Kai and Nya, or sing and dance along with your favourite LEGO Friends.

It’s all fun and splash at LEGOLAND Water Park!

The fun doesn’t end at the Theme Park, as you get to cool down at LEGOLAND Water Park and enjoy over 20 slides, rides, and water games. Make sure to bring along your waterproof protection cases if you wish to bring along your phones into the water. However, do note that phones and accessories are not allowed on certain slides and rides, but fret not as the staff are more than welcome to help and assist you.

Can you spot some of your old LEGO pieces at the entrance of SEA LIFE?

Last but definitely not least, step into the bottom of the sea and marvel at over 13,000 sea creatures from 120 species at SEA LIFE Aquarium. Immerse yourself while exploring the rest of the aquarium consisting of 11 habitat zones, and enjoy various activities including colouring a sea creature of your choice and releasing them into the virtual sea!

Everything is awesome here, even underwater!

For more information on operating hours, ticket prices, and Annual Passes, click here. Also, watch this article come to life here and watch snippets of different parts of LEGOLAND.

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