Frog Hill – A Worthy Inclusion to Your Photo Album

Frog Hill

Originated from an abandoned quarry in Kampung Guar Petai, resides an astonishing piece of nature, deemed as the smaller version of China’s well-known Jiuzhaigou.

Behold, a hidden den of beautiful turquoise-blue lake water, intertwining with a scenic view of red dusty land – the Frog Hill of Penang.

The hike to the peak of this particular nature artistry is not too steep, making it a suitable fit for a hike with family and friends. Visitors will stumble upon an old red-brick factory, signalling that it is the beginning of your trail. The trail is adorned with red laterite road, providing a more picturesque atmosphere of the former mining spot. Provided that you wear a pair of comfortable and gripping shoes, your hike to the peak will be a breeze.

The reddish landscape of the trail begins to fade away as you hike up. Now is the time to be mesmerized by the formation of rocks around your trail, with accompanying green wild grass and bushes.

"...providing an astonishing panoramic scenery that will take your breath away."

The view at the top of the hill translates into a spectacular album for your memory, with clear turquoise-coloured water filling the natural pools, surrounded by chunks of red lands; providing an astonishing panoramic scenery that will take your breath away. The scenery is further adorned by the green beauty of rice fields, clumps of trees and houses, as well as the seldom appearance of wild buffaloes around the area.

Fancy a dip in the pools? Go ahead! The cold water will give you a refreshing experience while immersing yourself with the beauty of a glorious wonder of nature. It also provides diving spots for cliff diving activities which will trigger an adrenaline rush. However, make sure to carry out all the activities with precautions.

"The land of beautiful nature at the peak of Frog Hill will make your short hike a memory to cherish."

The small secluded Frog Hill promises a scenic view regardless of the weather, but make sure you are well-prepared for all conditions. The weather could be scorching hot and there are not many facilities to act as shelters. As such, it is advisable to bring along a cap and sunblock. During rainy days, be sure to keep all your belongings in a waterproof sack or bring an umbrella instead. The umbrella could also be a hiking staff to aid you during your hike.

The land of beautiful nature at the peak of Frog Hill will make your short hike a memory to cherish. So, make sure to add Frog Hill in your itinerary.

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