Gua Kelam Recreational Park


Limestone Cave Adventures for All Levels at Gua Kelam

Located amongst the limestone caves in Perlis, Gua Kelam is one of the many caves famous for its cave walks. The name Gua Kelam can be translated to ‘Cave of Darkness’. Located in the Wang Mu Forest Reserve, which stretches over 2,000 hectares, Gua Kelam is divided into two main sections; Gua Kelam 1 and Gua Kelam 2.

Gua Kelam is open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM and on Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Gua Kelam was once known to be the place where tin mining took place. In the olden days, workers worked within the caves to recover tin that was found within its walls. The name Gua Kelam was also given due to the cave’s pitch-black darkness. Tin miners used to carry carbide lamps around to help them see while carrying out their daily tasks in the cave. But not to worry, visitors today are not required to carry any lamps around as there is now ample lighting that illuminates the caves to help you see better.

Gua Kelam 1

Gua Kelam 1 is one of the caves, which is a fan-favourite among the public. As you wander along its 8-foot wide wooden suspension bridge, be prepared to witness exciting sights around the cave. The idea of the limestone path, which stretches throughout the cave is said to be the design of an Englishman who converted the cave as a system of transporting tin from the mine near the stream entrance of Kaki Bukit.

Keep your eyes peeled for the live bats, which hang from the ceiling of the caves and the rock formations as well. Peer over the wooden bridge to take a glance at a few iron trolleys that were used to transport tin through the cave. Look to the sides of the cave to spot wooden joists, which are secured with strong metal wires that were once used as walkways for the tin miners. Also, listen out for the calming sounds of water that streams down the river below the bridge.

Entrance Fees for Gua Kelam 1:

  • Adults: RM 2
  • Children: RM 1

Gua Kelam 2

For a more extensive journey through Gua Kelam, try out the path, which leads you through Gua Kelam 2 consisting of both a wet and dry trail.

The dry trail takes you through the large cave where tin miners used to work back in the day. As you travel through, you will come across lakes, which are still filled with clear blue waters. There are also drawings on the walls, each telling the story of the lives of the tin miners from days past.

The wet trail is for those who are a little more adventurous. After you walk through the dry parts of the cave, the wet trail will lead you down a narrower path. For those who take the wet trail, be prepared to crawl on your hands and knees to pass through tiny crawl spaces leading you to a river. As you come across the river, you will be required to swim through and walk along the narrow paths to get to the exit, putting your balancing skills to the test while you’re at it.

Entrance Fees for Gua Kelam 2:

  • Dry Trail: RM 150 with an RM 5 permit
  • Wet Trail: RM 300 with an RM 5 permit

Other Activities at Gua Kelam

Besides caving, Gua Kelam also offers other activities for you and your family to try out. Just by the exit of Gua Kelam 1, you will find a crystal clear river that runs through, where visitors are more than welcome to splash around to enjoy a refreshing break.

Furthermore, there are also ATV rides available for those who are looking for more exciting adventures. Rent an ATV bike at the stations around and ride freely around the compound of Gua Kelam.

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