Kinabalu Park

Malaysia’s very first UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kinabalu Park, boasts more than 4,500 species of flora and fauna, unique ecotreasures, and a slew of fun-filled nature-based activities, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.   

Located on the west coast of Sabah, Kinabalu Park was established as a national park in 1964. Covering an area of 754 square kilometres, the park’s focal point is the majestic Mount Kinabalu, which at 4,095.2 metres, is the highest mountain in Southeast Asia.

The park consists of many fun activities to be explored by nature lovers and is the Centre of Plant Diversity for Southeast Asia. The thick rainforest is also the home to the world’s largest pitcher plant, Nepenthes Rajah.

Besides Mount Kinabalu, there are many other attractions in Kinabalu Park for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Jungle trekkers have a choice of eight trails to explore, such as the frequently used Silau Silau Trail, which spans three kilometres, and the 2.5 kilometres Mempening Trail, which is suitable for beginners. Avid trekkers should opt for the 5.6 kilometres long Liwagu River Trail, which will take them on an adventure across small streams and narrow ridges.


"...unique portrayal of the green landscape around the park."

Those who want to have a more relaxing walk should visit the Botanical Garden. Walk around the beautiful garden and learn about all the rare species that inhabit Kinabalu Park.

After a long hike, what’s better than soaking your tired feet in warm therapeutic sulphur hot springs at the Poring Hot Springs, located 40 kilometres from Kinabalu Park. If you fancy taking a dip in the waterfall, you can head over to Kipungit Waterfall or Langanan Waterfall, located just about 0.5 kilometres away from the entrance of the hot springs.


Other attractions there include the Butterfly Farm, Tropical Garden, and the Poring Orchid Conservation Centre, which houses some 1,200 species of orchids, including some rare species endemic to Kinabalu Park. Visitors should also take a walk on the Poring Canopy Walkway, a 157.8-metre long and 41-metre high walkway, to enjoy the serenity of the tropical surroundings.  

How to get there 

You can take a bus or taxi from Kota Kinabalu to Kinabalu Park. The journey takes two hours. Buses from the North City Bus Terminal at Inanam bound for Sandakan, Ranau, Tawau, or Semporna will pass Kinabalu Park. Minivans and share taxis bound for Ranau from Merdeka Square will also pass the park. You can request them to drop you off at the park entrance. 

Please visit Mount Kinabalu website for more information to plan your trip there.


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