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"Opened in November 1991, the Kuala Lumpur (KL) Bird Park is a popular ecotourism destination in the country, as it boasts an amazing collection of 3,000 colourful birds of various sizes from more than 200 species, from both local and foreign countries. Sprawling across 20.9 acres of land, the Bird Park is located adjacent to the serene and scenic Kuala Lumpur Lake Gardens. "


The KL Bird Park boasts a free-flight concept, reputed to be the largest free-flight walk-in aviary in the world, which offers visitors a rare chance to be surrounded by free-flying birds roaming throughout the park. The free-flight concept and the lush greenery facilitates numerous nesting sites, making the Park a conducive breeding site for the birds.



The KL Bird Park is made up of four zones, with Zone 1 and Zone 2 houses the free-flight aviary sections, Zone 3 is home to the hornbills, while Zone 4 is a walk-in mini aviary with 20 different species of parrots, including lorries, cockatoos, macaws and parakeets.

The park also offers a wide variety of activities for bird lovers, including photography sessions with birds and feeding various species of birds, such as ostriches, hornbills, and eagles. Don’t forget to watch the bird shows at the Amphitheatre at 12:30 pm or 3:30 pm.

The KL Bird Park offers various packages and programmes for schools, birthdays, seminars, and family days. You can even shoot your pre-wedding photography here!

The Hornbill Restaurant & Café, located within the Hornbill Park, offers a rustic dining experience, amidst lush greenery. If you’re lucky, the rhinoceros hornbill and her feathered friends might join you while you’re enjoying your meal!

The KL Bird Park opens from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm daily, including weekends, public holidays, and school holidays. Admission fees are RM63 (adult) and RM42 (child: 3-11 years old), while those with MyKad need to pay RM25 (adult) and RM12 (child).

How to get there

You can take a public taxi or the KL Hop-On Hop-Off Double Decker tour bus service and disembark at Station No. 20 in front of KL Bird Park main entrance. 

Get more information at the KL Bird Park website and plan a fun-filled trip there with your family and friends today! 

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