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Originally known as the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve, this ecological haven was first established as a reserve in 1906, rendering it one of the nation's oldest conservation areas. 


Set in the heart of Kuala Lumpur's bustling city centre, one can now discover the enchanting KL Forest Eco Park, a verdant oasis concealed amidst an urban sprawl. 

The dimensions of this park encompasses 9.3 hectares, also serving as a lush habitat for an array of wildlife species. Amongst some notable fauna include the Silver Leaf Monkeys and Long-Tailed Macaques, both of which have found comfort and refuge within its rich confines.

In addition to its strategic location and close proximity to the city centre, KL Forest Eco Park also offers a variety of activities and attractions catering to visitors of all ages. Within its premises also, are well-maintained picnic areas and camping facilities, making it an idyllic destination for creating cherished memories with loved ones. 


Breathtaking Sights for Nature Photography Enthusiasts



The canopy walk, an awe-inspiring construction within the park’s grounds, features a large wooden and steel aerial bridge suspended at a lofty height of 21 metres above ground,and is one of the main highlights of the park. 

Its remarkable walkway spans a distance of 200 metres, leading to a vantage point with unparalleled access to appreciate some of the city’s most ancient trees up close. Apart from its impressive elevation, what truly sets this canopy walk apart is the breathtaking panoramic cityscapes that it offers.

From this lofty perch, one can gaze out into the urban realm of Kuala Lumpur and soak up the city views in all its splendour, with the iconic KL Tower looming majestically on the skyline. This locale is a true photographers’ haven, affording limitless opportunities to capture the stunning juxtaposition between urban landscape and nature in all its glory.


Go on an Exciting Hiking Adventure

In addition to the renowned canopy walk, a long-standing favourite amongst adventure enthusiasts, KL Forest Eco Park also features exciting hiking opportunities that are suitable for hikers across levels. 

For those up for a challenge, the park offers a selection of hiking trails, namely the Merbau trail (361 metres in elevation), the Jelutong trail (300 metres in elevation), as well as the Penarahan trail, and the Arboretum trail. 

Make the most out of your time in this pristine sanctuary by going prepared with your own hiking gear and attire as there are no rental facilities available on site. 


Discover a Beautiful Selection of Unique Flora and Fauna


Whether you are an enthusiast or simply curious about the wonders of Malaysia’s abundant biodiversity, KL Forest Eco Park is the most accessible launching pad to start your journey alongside nature.

Venture along its enchanting trails and spot different species of vividly-hued insects and butterflies, or take a chance on rare sightings of the ever-elusive bats and civet cats. Notably, the park does not only serve as a habitat for a diverse array of fauna, but also as a flourishing repository of flora as well. 

Within its confines, it currently is a sanctuary to more than 200 tree species, including bamboo, rare herbs, ferns, creepers and  many more. Before you leave, take advantage of a visit to the herbal garden located near the park’s entrance to enrich your understanding of these distinctive plant species.


Visiting Hours and Admission Fees

KL Forest Eco Park is open daily, including public holidays, to ensure nature enthusiasts and curious minds have daily opportunities to explore its wonders. 

The park operates daily from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM (last ticket purchase at 4:30 PM). 

Admission fees are as follows:


MYKAD Holder

Non-MYKAD Holder




Children (6 to 12 years old)



Children (under 6 years old)



Senior Citizen (more than 60 years old)



Person with disabilities




Please be advised only cash payment is currently accepted, so do prepare adequate cash on hand prior to visiting. 

How to get to KL Forest Eco Park

There are two main entrances: one at the front of KL Forest Eco Park's head office, while the other is located at the KL Tower. 

Visitors can access the park through the following transportation options:

By Train:


  • By taking the MRT line, visitors can reach the destination within a 20-minute walk from MRT Pasar Seni.
  • Alternatively, visitors can reach the destination within an 18-minute walk from Bukit Nanas Station by taking the KL Monorail line.
  • For those using the Ampang Line LRT, stop at Masjid Jamek LRT Station and you will reach the destination within a 20-minute walk.


By Bus:

  • The KL Hop-On Hop-Off bus provides direct access to KL Tower, located near to the park.
  • Additionally, there are free GOKL buses in purple and blue colours that make stops at Bukit Nanas.

Currently, direct train services to this location are unavailable. However, alternative transportation options are at your disposal. You may also opt to secure an e-hailing service from the nearest train station to get to the KL Forest Eco Park.

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