Komtar’s The Top: An Edutainment Tower For All

Pulau Pinang
The deep blue sea awaits at The Top’s Boutique Aquarium

You might be familiar with the once iconic KOMTAR tower standing proudly in the middle of the George Town city centre, but have you heard of its three newly added floors, The Top?

As the tallest building in Penang, KOMTAR has served greatly to the locals, providing retail outlets, offices, and a transportation hub. Slowly losing its popularity to the newer shopping malls, KOMTAR was given a ‘hairdo’ in 2015 when three more floors were added to give birth to The Top, Penang’s largest indoor theme park.

Before you stand at the top of the world, head underwater at The Top’s Penang Boutique Aquarium. Enter the underwater world and witness various marine life species, and do not forget to identify the different themes throughout the aquarium.

humble Arapaima, the largest freshwater fish in the world

Along the way, you will be greeted by the humble Arapaima, the largest freshwater fish in the world. Don’t miss out on their feeding time to witness how these toothless (albeit gigantic) creatures eat. You also might want to stand away to avoid being splashed!

Jurassic Research Center

After you are done with a quick educational tour of the sea world, continue learning by travelling back in time at The Top’s Jurassic Research Center, Malaysia’s largest dinosaur park.

Walk into the research labs and excavation sites to live your Jurassic Park dream, before you are sent into the wilderness and watch the extinct creatures in all of their majesties. It will give you a glimpse of what it would wave been like if they were still to be with us today.

Enjoy more attractions nearby the Jurassic Research Center and Boutique Aquarium like the arcade, Magic Mirror Maze, Musical Carousel, and many more. Once you’re ready, let’s head to the top.

Let’s head to the top!

Head to Level 65 to check out the Observatory Deck and The Gravityz, where you can face your fear your height from the inside of the tower, and outside!

For the ultimate experience, get to Level 68 to walk in the sky! Equipped with various dining options, visitors can also dine in at their very own Top View Restaurant & Lounge. Whether for a private function, a romantic night or to catch the sunset accompanied by a couple of drinks, they will have you covered.

Make sure to get the latest updates on their operating hours, promotional passes, and available attractions at https://thetop.com.my or call +604 375 9800.

Empty your phone storage for you will need the space when you’re at The Top, or go traditional with film cameras to eternalise your best moments here!

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