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Medical tourism is a booming industry with an expected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.8% from now till 2024. Malaysia, though a latecomer to the market, has quickly risen to be a top 10 healthcare travel destination in the world and in 2018, was voted the Number One Healthcare Travel Destination by Volume by The Global Market Report 2018 produced by LaingBuisson.

This success wasn’t an accident. Through detailed study and observation, Malaysia developed a value-driven strategy catering to the needs of global healthcare travellers. Here, patients do not need to worry about breaking the bank as affordability is a key factor that makes us the preferred country for medical treatments. Malaysia also focuses on making accessibility seamless whilst offering world-class quality and memorable experiences built on a solid foundation of trust. Patients can expect the most dependable healthcare services, treatment, and infrastructure. 

There is little wonder then that Malaysia was voted the Best Country in the World for Healthcare from 2015 to 2019 by US-based International Living and Destination of the Year for three years in a row between 2015 to 2017 by International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ).

The driving force behind this best-in-class service delivery is the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC), which serves as a one-stop centre for the healthcare travel industry. As the focal point and ‘go-to’ agency for all healthcare travel-related concerns, we understand the needs of healthcare travellers from around the world.

All our patients are unique but they have one thing in common: Each of them wants peace of mind, especially when seeking healthcare in a foreign country. Our focus is to provide that assurance of peace by facilitating their healthcare journey from start to finish.

To deliver this peace of mind while maintaining our position as the top healthcare travel destination, we’ve established the following services and initiatives:

1. MHTC Call Centre

Our call centre is accessible to all healthcare travellers. We provide unbiased assistance to travellers, information about medical care providers, available treatments, locations, and even travel recommendations, allowing them to make informed decisions.

2. Malaysia Healthcare Concierge & Lounge (MCL)

Upon arrival in Malaysia, MCL personnel will greet visitors from the aerobridge and guide them through a fast-tracked immigration process to ensure a smooth and calming experience in an unfamiliar country.

3.  eVisa (Medical)

We work together with the Immigration Department of Malaysia to facilitate a more convenient visa application, issuance, and approvals for healthcare travellers.

4. Malaysia Healthcare Representative Offices & Localised Outreach

We have representative offices in Vietnam, Myanmar, and Indonesia that help prospective healthcare travellers from these countries. You can locate them here.

Other than MHTC’s carefully thought-out approach to delivering value, Malaysia also offers a wide range of positive qualities that would put us at the top of your list. These include our position as a global Halal hub, travel haven, and the ease of communications within our healthcare system.

If you’re looking for top-notch global healthcare at affordable prices, Malaysia ticks all the right boxes.

To learn more about MHTC and our services, feel free to drop us an email at or visit to discover how you can benefit from our outstanding healthcare.

"Be sure to share your Malaysia healthcare journey experience with the hashtag #MalaysiaHealthcare to encourage others to seek the best treatment for themselves too."

Note:  This article is provided by Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council in collaboration with Tourism Malaysia.


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